Aura cleansing

Cleansing Aura Helps To Heal From Negative Energy

When you meet someone, you may feel good and energized. This is what is also known as positive aura or sensing another person’s aura which is giving positive vibe. Aura is all about energy surrounding a person. Each person has his or her own aura that influences lives of people who they meet in everyday life.

Aura is the energy field that encloses the body of humans (and animals). Aura is also defined as an electromagnetic field that surrounds human being. In yoga practices aura is linked to different types of chakras in the body. Aura is believed to protect body against disease and negative environment. When our aura is weak, we may become vulnerable to germs, emotions, attitudes of others and it results in sickness, unhappiness and dullness. One can expand our aura with ritual spell kits to unlock their full potential.

Some people have strong aura that uplifts many. Like wise there can be many, when we meet them we feel our energy goes down and day becomes immensely dull and boring. Or sometimes due to circumstances you might experience lethargy that pulls you down that leads to negative energy. How to overcome this? How one can in simple steps cleanse aura to feel better?

What happens when our aura into negative energy?

  1. Stressed mind
  2. Physically – feeling lethargic
  3. Unhappiness
  4. Feeling sick
  5.  Sense of under achievement
  6. Becoming moody
  7. Getting angry

Simple ways of cleansing aura

  1. Practice meditation: There are different ways one can meditate. Chose the meditation that you feel happy about. Daily 10-15 minutes of meditation is good for uplifting your day. While doing meditation practice pranayama.
  2. Take a bath in essential oil or aromatic herbs with Epsom salt: Fill the tub with handful of aromatic herbs like lavender, rose petals, or eucalyptus leaves. Add Epsom salt and have bath in this water. You can add essential oils like rosemary, lavender, rose oil, eucalyptus oil etc. to make it more effective and soothing. Aromatic herbs and crystals have healing power and will bring back the lost mood. Epsom salt and crystals such as clear quartz, amethyst influence healing and helps in balancing.
  3. Moon water cleansing: Moon is soothing. People relax under moonlight to bring in positive energy.  Add soothing crystal like rose quartz to water in a bowl and place under moonlight. Collect the water in a spritz bottle, add few drops of one of the essential oil – lavender, sage, sandalwood, rose – mix it and spray on your body. Belief is that moon brings energy.
  4. Balancing chakra: Sit in a quite place and focus on various chakras of the body while grounding energy and connecting to mother earth. To know about chakra healing click here.
  5. Connect to nature: walking in rain, walking in greenery brings new and fresh vibes to aura. While walking imagine that the earth healing energy is engulfing your body and healing.
  6. Yoga and exercises: Any form of physical exercises releases stress. Yoga is highly recommended for cleansing the body as all muscles will stretch and helps to connect body to mind. Physical activities or exercises helps to get rid of energies that we picked up from others. This is the reason once we finish our daily dose of exercise, we feel light, positive and uplifted.
  7. Singing bowls: Also known as Tibetan singing bowls -Good sound or a good music from an instrument influences brain by means of entertainment. When brain is calm and free of anxiety it triggers positive energy in the body. The musicality of the singing bowl helps in relaxation and reduces stress level.  The vibrations and tones from singing bowl slows down heavy breathing, heart rate and disturbed brain waves.

What is the benefit of aura cleansing?

  1. Helps in emotional balance
  2. Brings back energy
  3. Helps to get back in focus, raises vibes.
  4. Brings happiness
  5. Soothing effect
  6. Removes all the negative thoughts

Aura cleansing is great for the body and once in a while practicing aura cleansing keeps the energy at balance. Aura cleansing is not a medical treatment. It is spiritual and to feel better when we are out of focus and feel lethargic with daily interaction with people who bring negative energy.

Image by Ajay kumar Singh in Pixabay (free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 22, 2023

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