How to stay Motivated

How to stay Motivated

When we have too many things in mind and stressed out everything feels like falling through crack. Sustaining motivation is tough under such conditions.

Everybody faces these circumstances in different ways. Unless we step into their shoes we might not understand the severity of the situation.

However, some people overcome these tough situations and are motivated in life. They pick up pieces and get work done. It is not possible for everybody. Because motivation is not magic and does not pop up from a bottle.

How to stay motivated in life and find time to work on both personal and professional projects?

“Motivation does not last. Well neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily” – Zig Ziglar

In day to day life we will meet several people who are always motivated or try to overcome obstacles to achieve their goal. Looking at life of such people we can learn how to be motivated to do better in life.

Don’t be discouraged, change your strategy: Have a positive outlook at your life. If something does not work after trying many times there is no need to give up. As Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. It means you might have to change your strategy to achieve what you want. There is not failure here, you are learning more and the experience of learning will help you in your future.

Get help: Discuss your goals and issues with your people. We often overestimate our capabilities. People who have experience will help you with right directions. If you are highly selective about whom you should ask for help, it might take time to finish what your started or reaching goal feels like long way. Instead, get referrals and contact those achievers who might help you. If your hesitation is “if they say no”. Don’t assume, you never know until you ask. Even if a person is negative, remember world is big and you will find someone who will help you.

Your attitude of expectancy: Think that something great is going to happen. When you surround yourself with positive energy you will end up in achieving something great. Expect something great happens, tell yourself “No matter what…I am sure things are going to work”. This will help you to look at difficulties and issues in a positive note and you will find a way to overcome tough situation.

Stop worrying about what you can’t: Always remember, somethings are within your control and some are not. Understand the difference between the two and why things are not working the way you want. When you learn the difference, you will stop working about circumstances that are beyond your control. This helps you not to emotionally entangled. You won’t be paralyzed with your progress. Sooner, you get over from the worry, the quicker you move toward your goal.

Surround yourself with positive people: As much as possible stay away from negative people and their conversation. Instead of getting motivated and job get done, you will be trapped in trash talks. It also builds up negative attitude and will take away your focus from your job. Instead of criticizing those who are positive and work hard, spend time with them to learn how to be motivated. It is proven that, positive people always spread positive energy to others.

Learn from mistakes: Everybody makes mistake as no one is perfect. Instead of blaming yourself, learn from the mistakes. When you work on the same project, remember the mistake you have committed previous time and avoid mistakes.   Moving away from the project and problem will not solve your issues. Write down possible solutions and outcomes – this will help you to face problem differently.

Have a plan: Planning helps because “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Sketch and list your plans from beginning to end. This will give ideas, helps in developing strategy and ensures a great outcome. When you have sketched everything, and keep it in front of you, it motivates you to accomplish your goal/job. Write down your plan and to do list every week. Identify the problem that might occur and be prepared to face it with options. In case problem comes, your plan and options will help you.

Celebrate your accomplishments: Take time to celebrate your victory. Whether it is small or big, rewarding yourself each time keeps you motivated. Celebrate your success within few days – it can be treating yourself with ice cream, a movie night or buying a dress. Next time, you know that your achievement will take you for a treat and you will be motivated.

Remember, even in most passionate people obstacles can diminish motivation and confidence. That will not stop them to achieve their goals. They will become passionate by motivating themselves by various means. Instead of complaining about life, see what you can give to your life that is meaningful.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 1, 2018

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