Relief From The Body Stress Inflammation

What is “body inflammation” and how can we stop it from causing all kinds of problems ranging from weight gain to severe diseases like diabetes, hypertension arthritis, cancer, heart conditions and many more? Inflammation is response of our body immune system to foreign invaders -when the immune system becomes active and switches the gear. The familiar signs of normal inflammation — heat, pain, redness, and swelling — are the first signals that our immune system is being called into action. Body undergoes too much stress when inflammation kicks in. Some of the simple methods we can use to bring down the body stress and thus inflammation discussed below.

1. Simple exercises:

Simple exercises can help to relieve the inflammation. Those stressed muscles need to be stretched and relaxed. This can be done by yoga, Pilates and walking. People who suffer from inflammation should remember that too much exercise is not good for your body as it aggravates the condition.

2. Stay away from processed foods:

Additives, preservatives and other chemicals that are present in processed foods can only harm your body more. Consume fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Make time to cook -simple meals will help. If you get organic food it is much better ! Avoiding processed foods for few days will help you to gain the strength and energy that you almost lost.

3. Good amount of sleep:

Sleep is an important factor. The more body is suffering from inflammation the more you will feel fatigue and loss of energy. Body needs good rest to get out of that swelling. Research findings shows that sleeping little extra -20 to 30 minutes makes body feel better. Go to bed early and get good sleep. You will feel better in a day, but continue this routine!

4. Food as medicine:

Instead of supplements, try leafy vegetables, orange juice and other fresh vegetables and fruits that have good amount of vitamins. When we eat these vitamins they also supply dietary soluble fiber for the body and body naturally gets rid of those toxins which are sitting in our system. Try eating raw organic carrots and your stomach will feel much lighter but filled and you will feel happy. Include a small handful of nuts and seeds in your diet daily, especially walnuts and freshly ground flaxseed, which are good sources of omega–3s. Include ginger, garlic, cinnamon and turmeric in your food. Eat anti-oxidant rich foods like papaya, strawberry, cherries, watermelons etc.

5. Microbes in our system:

We have good bacteria in our system, which are essential for our body digestion and other processes. They live with an understanding called “symbiotic association”. Do not consume too much of antibiotics that can harm these bacterial population. Look for alternatives; consume some amount of fermented food and probiotics.

6. Drinking water:

Keeping body hydrated helps a lot during inflammation. Drink recommended amount of water per day and sometimes one may need to drink more or less depending on condition. Drinking tender coconut water also is helpful as it has good benefits. Water removes the toxins from body by flushing toxins through kidney.

7. Meditation:

Practice meditation and Yoga mudras. Certain mudra poses helps the body to recover. Meditation helps the mind to calm and relieves the stress. When stress is relieved body feels much better.



Image credit: Photo by Tina Nord from Pexels (Free for commercial use)

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: October 28, 2015

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