Happiness and natural antibodies

How Working On Being Happy Promotes Natural Antibodies Production

Human body when is calm, happy and while relaxing will produce natural antibodies which means naturally, we can boost our immune system.  It also means that if our mental status is not agitated it can achieve good health. If we are calm, happy and anxiety free our system promotes growth of natural antibodies or autoantibodies.

Natural antibodies are present in all of us by birth even before our system is immunized and are first line of body’s defense mechanism. Adaptive antibodies are the ones that are produced in our body after vaccination. These natural antibodies decrease with age. Therefore, we take supplements and practice good diet.

Working on being happy promotes our health!

Our body starts giving up and invite illness when we are not mentally happy and feel stressed. This is also when body’s natural antibodies level goes down. We  can promote antibodies production by making changes in our lifestyle.  

  1. Stay active: As soon as we reduce physical and mental activity, boredom occupies and life feels dull. When we have an active lifestyle, there will be always something to look forward in life. It keeps us curious, we learn new things, explore new stuffs in life – such active lifestyle boosts immune system.
  2. Consume plant food: The natural antioxidants, Vitamin C, fibers that are present in plants reduces cell inflammation. Chronic inflammation results in heart conditions, causes dementia, Alzheimer’s, and certain cancer. Plant food is also soothing for mind and promotes our gut health. Our digestive system health is important for improving immunity.
  3. Reduce time on social media: We get all news on our fingertips and are addicted to watching news, serials, family drama, gossips etc. Sometimes the negative news that run for days could harm mental status. Instead, listen to music that brings happiness and calms the system.
  4. Get enough sleep: Sleep is essential for body. Sleep means rest. While we get enough sleep, body recovers from the stress, strain, and anxiety. Good sleep helps to boost immune system which means more natural antibodies will develop in the system. Lack of sleep causes physical and mental illness as the body does not get rest.
  5. Practicing yoga: Yoga practicing daily for an hour will help to reconnect body with mind. It improves brain function, improves sleep, blood pressure and gives sense of satisfaction because after your practice you will notice positive changes in mind as well as in body . The outcome of yoga practice will encourage you and makes you feel good.
  6. Try to be happy: Have you ever noticed that people who are happy and calm not complain about their health? It is because, happiness fuels the immune system, it produces antibodies that are always ready take care of foreign invaders of body. Unhappiness means, you are inviting illness with open arms. Find your happiness sources  like spending time with family, friends, reading, talking etc.
  7. Learn to release the stress: Relieving stress is critical for health. Because long term stress harms body by causing imbalance in immune system. It suppresses immune response. Being mindful and practicing holistic living could help to boost antibody production and thus promotes good health.

Promoting natural antibody production is key for fighting illness. If body produces antibodies naturally then we will have enough strength to fight harmful germs like Covid-19. While practicing social distancing, hygiene, wearing masks we can also concentrate on implementing healthy lifestyle to boost the immune system that gives us enough strength to fight not just Covid, also all other types of diseases.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 19, 2022

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