Honor your commitments

Honor your commitments

Do you find it hard to keep up with your promise? Do you  say that I will do it later and never get around doing something that you committed for? If you are not honoring your commitments in your life then you also should have tasted the outcome of not doing something that you promised.

If you commit to do something or promised to work on solving issues and did not get to it, then you are breaking trust!

Honor your commitments

When you tell somebody who trusted you that you will call them and don’t. It can happen with your parents, family, friends, in business or colleges

  • You have a bad habit and you promised your loved ones that you will change and did not attend to it
  • You had a list of tasks that you committed to do and did not complete the task
  • You promised your life partner on something and could not fulfill
  • You said yes to attend a program and did not even bother to show up or call
  • You committed to finish your work on time and you did not
  • You made a commitment to yourself and did not take care of it
  • You promised your customer and did not provide the service

These are few examples in daily life where we committed to complete or promised to work on something which is in our capability to attend. Sometimes we may not able to keep up promise due to unavoidable circumstances. And if the reason is genuine it may look fair. But, if you can complete a task or capable of keeping promise and did not attend to it with negligence or you feel inside it is ‘okay’ if you do not attend it to today, then it is not acceptable. It means you are breaking the trust of someone who believed in you.

Little things to big things that you have committed to do and did not get to do it can have bigger impact on your life. If you don’t honor a commitment for the world it means you cannot be trusted and your promise does not mean much.

What is the impact of not keeping with your words?

Mainly, this will prevent you from achieving your goals and causes only harm because people around you – family, work and community think that you are not trust worthy. You will lose respect. Once you lose respect it is hard to gain back the trust and respect. People begin to see you as egoistic, unreasonable and untrustworthy. Moreover, they will stop taking you seriously.

Honoring your commitments helps you to feel positive and good. When you promise to do something and fulfill it, it means a lot to the other person. It not only enlightens their day or life but also yours. Honoring commitment means “you are doing what you said you are going to do on time”.  This act might look simple but it is powerful. Trust is something which we cannot buy using money. It is the feeling that builds in someone’s mind about you because of your actions. What is important is to set up your word as law unto yourself and others. If you escape or start giving excuses for not doing something, you might end up feeling guilty every time and it only will harm your will power.

Honoring commitment comes by practice. There is no harm in practicing. Before promising and committing to do something think and then utter your words. This way you will take control of your mind and action. If you cannot attend to something then learn to say no politely: Person might get upset with you for a bit, but if you cannot commit then learn to say no. If many people approach you for several favors you cannot attend to all. It is difficult to commit to several requests. Simply say no or say you have other priorities.

If you honor the commitments you have made to yourself, it will help you to take control of your life and you have power on your life. Honor the promises that you made for yourself and it will help you to honor the commitments that you made to others. To practice, limit the number of to do list for yourself and attend to task. Instead of focusing on ten different items commit yourself for 3- 4 tasks. By this you know, you can complete the list and be guilt free. Practice fulfilling commitments for two weeks and you will see a change in behavior. You will learn to say either no or yes easily, once you realize how fulfilling commitments affects your life.

Trust is what you are honoring when you are committing to do anything. Trust is the seed for any healthy relationship and core for the business. You will know if someone honor their words you can trust them. If you must grow your business, you need to keep your promise and it grows your reputation. People want to be associated with you. This helps to reach your goal in life. In other words, the extent to which you honor your commitments to others and yourself is the what creates your success.


Image credit: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 13, 2019

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