Family Traditions

Why family traditions matters?

This age younger generations are moving away from family traditions. It is generally happening for various reasons. Career, change in lifestyle, moving to bigger cities, busy life etc are some of the reasons. Family sizes also shrinking and traditions are disappearing. Traditions play a huge part in creating lasting memories of those we love and care about. It is important to hold the values of our traditions.

There are people whose views are different when it comes to following traditions. General argument that one can hear is “in this era of advanced technology and internet” we are connected and can reach people around the world within seconds!  People think that participating in traditional activities is considered old fashioned and boring.  What we forget here is merely learning about tradition from the internet is not the same as putting it to practice.

What is family tradition anyway?

Celebration of festivals together, visiting places once a year with family, spending time with family week end or time of year, gift exchanges, festivals, birthday celebrations, potluck, summer and winter family sports, movie night, game night, moon walk, cooking together etc.  There are many benefits we gain by participating in family traditions.

1. Whether your tradition is based on culture, fun or values – it gives children a sense of identity and security. During the process of interaction, children will pick up healthy habits and it helps shape up a healthy family.

2. Knowing family history helps everyone understand the root, what struggles ancestors faced, what skills they had and how to shape up future life.

3. Family gettogether also helps in gaining knowledge about the hereditary related health issues.

4. Gives sense of support and closeness – healthy discussions and encouragement from siblings, elders, cousins help in understanding oneself.

5. It is not just a time pass on cultural, social or religious heritage – it is also connecting generations and interaction on a solid foundation. Being excited about something with the ones you love makes any tradition more special.

6. High level of grand parental involvement increases the well-being of children.

7. In this fast-paced changing world having a bit consistency in life gives sense of security. Traditions involved in family bonding helps to build character, comfort and security in life. You can count on people who are related to you.

8. Faith and trust – whatever the religion or caste you belong to… family rituals like dining and praying together teaches children the value of faith, truth and trust.

9. Children will learn the value of society, community and importance of coexisting. It also teaches child how to face the world during different situation.

Overall, traditions help people to have better relationships with family and friends as well as have a sense of identity and belonging. Making memories with family traditions is important. Because our traditions weave the colorful fabric of our family’s life together and fill it with laughter, love, and smiles.

In fact, all those shared memories make us who we are. The children who understands a lot about their families tend to do better when they face challenges in life. More than money or things, the most important gift that we can give our children as a family is memories. Those laughs, smiles, silly cries and tiny, consistent moments are what makes life so very special.


Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: May 2, 2017

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