Types of honey

Types of honey

Based on extraction and processed procedures honey types are:

  1. Comb honey: Taken directly from hives. Rich in fatty acids and help lower bad cholesterol. It also contains antioxidants and bee wax. One should be careful to consume this as it may cause gastrointestinal blockage.
  2. Liquid honey: Prepared by cutting and removing wax from comb. It is most common type of honey used by everyone. It is also used as sweetener.
  3. Granulated: Powdered form of honey obtained by drying and freezing the honey. It does not contain moisture. Granules can be turned into powder and are used in tea, cosmetic products, smoothies, juices, soaps etc.
  4. Creamed honey: Blend of granulated honey and liquid honey (9:1) and stored at low temperature to become firm (57 F). It makes it easy to spread on bread toast and sticks.
  5. Chunk honey: It is comb honey stored in jar with liquid honey poured on it.

Color of the honey depends on the plant sources in each area where bee hive is present.

  • Mild honey produced by plants like sweet clover, clover and alfalfa.
  • Dark, stronger honey: Health wise more popular is dark honey. It contains more antioxidant. Orange blossom, and other citrus trees, tupelo trees, wild sage, buckwheat, horse mint, basswood and the tulip tree and taste is mild.
  • Dark honey has very intense flavor. Tasmania leatherwood honey and Manuka honey both have unusual aroma. Other dark honey examples: Blackbutt, Jarrah, Thyme, Dandelion, Meadow, Heather, Chestnut, Honeydew. Buckwheat honey is darker in color.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 12, 2017

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