Thirupathi boondi laddu

Thirupathi boondi laddu

The world famous Thirupathi boondi laddu is made from besan (dry chickpea powder). Recently this laddu completed 300 years service to Lord Venkateshwara. A mind-blowing 150,000 laddus are made and distributed every day. If that sounds like an insanely high number, it is only because 50,000 people faithfully visit the temple every day, and the temple dutifully provides one free laddu to each devotee. Each laddu weighs 175 grams! This sweet laddu is more than just besan and sugar. In addition, a single laddu contains cashew nuts , cardamom, ghee, oil, sugar candy, raisins and almonds. In addition, all these ingredients are bought only at the Commodities and Spices exchange in Kochi. In 2009 Thirupathi temple acquired patent for its laddu ! The taste and look of boondi laddu varies in various parts of India.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 28, 2015

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