Rue In Herbal Remedies & Supplements

Rue In Herbal Remedies & Supplements

Rue parts are used in the form of extraction and ingredients and used in treating different conditions.

·    Liquid extract: Leaves and flower water extraction is good for relieving inflammation.

·    Tincture: Alcohol based tincture is useful for arthritis pain, joint pain, and body aches.

·    Essential oil: Essential oil of rue is a remedy for earache. Placing couple of drops of rue oil in cotton and keep the plug over the ear helps to relieve earache.

·     As cream: It is an ingredient in pain cream, topically applied as a pain reliever.

·    In the form of capsules: Used as daily supplements to reduce anxiety, stress, to calm nerve system, for rheumatism, arthritis, inflammation and muscle pain and cramps.


Image credit: Image by Corina from Pixabay (cc by 0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 3, 2023

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