Multiple Benefits of Millets

Multiple Benefits of Millets

How our body processes food is important to the absorption and value of food: Dr. Khader Valli who is popularly known as Millet Man of India, is a scientist from Mysuru, Karnataka explains why millets are superior to rice and wheat. “Any food that takes a longer time to break down the glucose and fructose to be absorbed by the blood is truly healthy. While rice takes only 45 minutes to be absorbed by the blood, positive grains or millets take six hours”, says Dr Valli.


Millets are highly adaptive to a wide range of ecological conditions and thrive well in rain-fed; arid climate and they have minimal requirement of water, fertilizers, and pesticides.


1.       Health-promoting nutritious crops – Compared to other cereals they have superior micronutrient profile and bioactive flavonoids.

2.       Millets have a low Glycemic Index and associated with the prevention of diabetes.

3.       They are good source of minerals like iron, zinc, and calcium.

4.       Millets are gluten-free and can be consumed by celiac disease patients.

5.       Millet has a beneficial effect on the management and prevention of hyperlipidemia and risk of cardiovascular diseases.

6.       Millets are found to be helpful with the reduction of weight, BMI, and high blood pressure.

7.       In India, Millet is generally consumed with legumes, which creates mutual supplementation of protein, increases the amino acid content, and enhances the overall digestibility of protein.

8.       Millet based value-added products in ready to cook, ready to eat category are easily accessible and convenient to the urban population.

9.       Millets are used for dual purposes as food as well as fodder, which make it more farming efficient.

10.   Millet cultivation helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

11.   Small millets need less time of cooking and easy to prepare.


Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: January 31, 2023

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