Medicinal Bryophytes

Medicinal Bryophytes

Bryophytes are non-vascular plants and are small herbaceous plants. They are mostly present in swamps and near water sources. They are mosses, hornworts, or liverworts. Bryophytes are among the simplest of the terrestrial plants.

1 . Marchantia polymorpha L Against inflammation: The entire thalli iswashed thoroughly with water, ground into fine paste and applied externally on inflammation.

2 . Plagiochasma appendiculata L On skin disease: The fine paste of the thoroughly washed thalli is applied externally on affected area.

3. Polytrichum species For hair growth: The fine powder of Polytrichum thallus is mixed with oil and applied on hair to improve hair growth. As wound healer: The thallus paste is bandaged over the wound for healing.

4. Riccia species:Against ringworms in children: The thallus in washed and ground to paste and mixed with jaggery and given to the children affected by the ringworms.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 19, 2015

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