Food House of Hungary

Food House of Hungary

The “house” has five simple food groups, the same as the traditional food pyramid. Much of the information advising on regular meal sizes and supplementary diet tips, though, are in the accompanying information and not on the actual food “pyramid.” The roof is made of animal source products (i.e. meats and dairy products). Foods from these groups should be part of the daily diet. Products high in sugar and fat should be eaten sparingly, and this is the reason why they are placed outside of the house.

  1. Cereals : Eat cereals several times a day. Vegetables, fruits :Eat both fruits and vegetables at least three times a day.
  2. Milk and dairy products :Drink milk every day; choose fermented dairy products (curdled milk, kefir and yoghurt) as
  3. Meats, meat products, fish, eggs, soy: Eat lean meats prepared with small amounts of fat regularly.
  4. Fats : Do not use (unnecessarily) fats when preparing your dishes, or for spreading, or use only very small amounts.
  5. Salt and salting: Do not use salt, or use only very small amounts of iodized salt. Sugar: Avoid the frequent consumption of foods or drinks rich in added sugar.
  6. Alcohol: Those who drink alcoholic beverages should do so in moderation.
  7. Exercise: Regular physical activity should be a lifelong program for everyone.
  8. Food safety :Buy your food only from reliable sources, and shop carefully.
  9. Further good advice :Eat four or five times a day, and always at the same time if possible.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 8, 2016

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