Few facts about mushroom

Few facts about mushroom

  • Mushroom extracts are available in both pills and powder forms. Most of these are hot water extracts obtained from fruiting body or mycelia. The product will contain active compound in the form of glyconutrients that is responsible for its medicinal properties.
  • General recommendation is, it is better to eat mushroom in cooked form. While picking up mushroom make sure they are suited for you and not poisonous in anyway.
  • Eat organically grown mushroom as they contain no pesticide or added chemicals and grown under proper conditions. For the growth mushroom absorb nutrient from the atmosphere too.
  • Mushrooms also provide dietary fiber and that acts as prebiotic elements for the growth of probiotic microbes in our gut that is critical for digestive system.
  • In Chinese medicines mushrooms are considered as tonics as they are useful across for humans.
  • People who have gout should not eat mushrooms or should be careful of their choice. Because they are high in purines.
  • Most fatal mushroom in the world is Amanita phalloides or Death cap mushroom
  • Mycoremediation is a process where mushrooms are used to break down and clean toxic chemicals in the environment.
  • Mushroom contain Vitamin D!

Image: Modified image of magic mushroom

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 8, 2017

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