Excessive use of social media

Excessive social media is harmful for health

Excessive social media use can create  self-perpetuating cycle and negative effect:

Why people go on social media – not just get news or to see what is happening in friends and relatives’ lives. People go on social media to overcome certain mental situation they are in. For example.

  1. When someone feels lonely, stressed, anxious and/or depressed will go on social media to come out of boredom and to lift mood which might not happen
  2. It worsens anxiety, depression and increases stress. Makes one feel more isolated
  3. Increase of social media activity increases dissatisfaction, makes one feel worthless and feel isolated and inadequate.
  4. As the mental symptoms increase, one will depend on social media more and more which results in further decline in mental health.

What are some of mental issues that can emerge from excessive use of social media?

Image credit: Photo by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 12, 2022

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