Major health concerns in kids

Must Know Top Health Issues of kids

Apart from common cold, fever and allergy issues kids also suffer from many other health issues that parents should be aware of. Many of these health issues go unnoticed or children might not able to express what is going on with them or they will be scared to express the issues that is happening.

It is good for both parents to sit and talk about certain health concerns with children once a while to understand what might be happening in child’s health. These kind of talks and discussion will help children to open with parents and might learn to seek help from known adults.

Let us look at what are these major health concerns that parents must be aware of:

  1. Obesity: During this Covid-19 pandemic, obesity is one of the biggest concerns for kids. Obesity is one of the major problems in most countries. Obesity could lead to serious health conditions including type 2 diabetes, cancer, depression, sleep problem, heart conditions.
  2. Drug and alcohol abuse: Even though there is positive trend with decline in drug usage, young adults continue using alcohol, cigarettes, pain relievers, synthetic drugs and inhalants. In high populated countries, near schools’ drug selling used to be a practice. Closing educational centers and online classes has helped positively in this front and there is a decline in drug usage.
  3. Cyber safety: This is a growing concern. It is one of the major health concerns. Use of social media and use of newly innovated technologies exposing teens and little children to cyber bullying and to predators. Young adults and children are very vulnerable to smartphones and other gadgets that attract them easily.
  4. Abuse and neglect: Mental and physical abuse is another big threat for kids’ health. Many kids undergo mental torture and physical abuse by adults either at home or school that could have great impact on their future life. Feeling neglected by parents for reasons that they don’t understand will have huge impact on children.
  5. Stress and depression: Competitive world where we live in today is the main reason for stress and depression in children as well as in adolescents. Stress could lead to depression that needs to be addressed with experts. Stress also could lead to other health problems such as sleeping issues, eating habits and activities in school. Most of the time depression in children will be mistaken and neglected by parents.
  6. Smoking: Reports say kids use E-cigarettes and other vaporing gadgets for smoking. An increase in use of E-cigarettes shows that E-cigarettes are popular among teenagers. If not addressed this issue, it could lead to major health problems warns experts.
  7. Bullying: School bullying has come down this past year due to school closing. This year schools and colleges are opening in phases. This means, vulnerable kids are exposed to bullying. If you are concerned about this issue, talk to your child and understand school environment. Many times, bullying involves severe abuse which can cause unrepairable damage to a child.
  8. Teen pregnancy: According CDC, there is a rapid decline in teen birth rate in the past year in major racial and ethnic group. However, the disparities persist. It carries health risks both for mother and baby. Most time teens do not get parental care soon enough and it could lead to health problems later. High blood pressure and other complications, premature birth and low birth weight are major issues in teen pregnancy.
  9. Sexting: Another major issue that need parental attention. Strangers can make child’s life miserable by sending inappropriate text and messages. In many cases, teenagers are also convicted of felonies for sending such messages and images to underaged children. It is better to be direct and advice children when presenting a smart phone regarding these kind of issues and put rules and guidance in place. Tell them such images and texts remains on internet for longtime that could hurt their future.

Being parent is a big responsibility, parents are responsible for children future. Apart from addressing and taking care of children’s day to day needs and other health issues such as cold, fever, allergy, pain, skin infection etc, parents also must give attention to not so visible issues that could have huge impact on child’s future life and lifestyle.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 2, 2021

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