Common problems associated with Myositis

Common problems associated with Myositis

Myositis symptoms can become severe and acute in some cases. These severe conditions could be any or many of the following:

1.       Joint pain: Similar to arthritis symptoms patient experience joint pain.

2.       Extreme fatigue: Simple walking, standing and small tasks make patient feel exhausted.

3.       Limitations in mobility: Sometimes it could cause crippling – difficulty in getting up from chair, hand lifting, difficulty in moving head (due to damaged neck muscle)

4.       Restricted day to day activities: Patient unable to perform simple task such as brushing, combing, holding water cup

5.       Constant pain: All the time pain in the body – degree of pain might vary each day

6.       Problem with certain medications: when taken, certain medication may trigger the condition

7.       Breathing difficulties: Swollen muscles make it difficulty in breathing

8.       Swallowing difficulties: Chewing and swallowing could be difficult due to weakened and swollen muscles. It could result in heartburn.

9.       Restricted social activities: Since we cannot predict the degree of pain, lethargy and low energy makes it impossible to mingle and go about any social mingling.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 1, 2022

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