Banana Blossom

Banana Blossom

Banana blossom is nothing but the inflorescence of banana tree. It contains flowers between the dark purple bracts. When you open these bracts you will find whitish tender bracts that is edible. The flowers present in-between are also edible. What are the health benefits of banana blossoms – many!

These blossoms are helpful in menstruation cycle – reducing the blood flow and controlling period pain. It is a good lactating agent and contains vitamin A, E and C. Traditionally for lactating mothers the dish prepared using these blossom was recommended by grandmothers . It is slightly bitter but once cooked tastes delicious. When you select the banana blossom make sure that the leaves of blossom are tightly overlapping to each other. When you peel the leaves the flowers inside present at bottom should be fresh.

One can prepare various dishes using banana flowers: banana curry, banana flower with green gram curry, spicy sambar, chutney, banana blossom salad, stir fry, fritters etc.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 8, 2016

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