Rice Coconut Halva – Halubai

Rice Coconut Halva – Halubai

Halubai or Halbai is sweet dish made of rice or millet, coconut and jaggery. It is a classic, traditional sweet prepared during auspicious and festival occasions.

Appearance of Halbai is like burfi or rice coconut halva and is very soft. The word halbai is derived from the ‘milk’ extracted out of soaked and ground rice along with the coconut.

It is easy to prepare and kids love the taste.  Jaggery, cardamom and ghee gives a very good flavor for this sweet.


  1. Soaked white rice- ½ cup
  2. Jaggery* – 1 cup
  3. Grated coconut – 1 cup
  4. Cardamom powder – ½ tsp
  5. Salt – ¼ tsp
  6. Ghee/ clarified butter – 2 Tbs

* Remember – The color of halubai depends on the color of jiggery. If you use dark color jiggery then halubai comes out dark. If you prefer using light colore jiggery then go for it.


1. Wash and soak rice in water for 2 hrs.

2. Grind soaked rice, grated coconut, cardamom powder and salt by adding ½ cup water.

3. Add ½ cup water to jiggery and boil on medium flame. Let the jiggery dissolve.

4. When the jiggery water is boiling, add finely grinded rice mix to jiggery water.

5. Continue to stir for few more minutes.

6. Stir this mixture till it turns to a thick paste. Add ghee and stir until the paste starts to leave the side of the cooking vessel.

7. Apply little ghee on a baking pan/plate and pour the hot paste on the pan. Place/spread few cashew pieces on the top.

8. Allow it to cool and cut it into diamond or square shape.

9. Serve halubai as a dessert item or you can prepare this during festival day too.


Reference: www.werindia.com

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: May 8, 2017

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