Raw guava mango salad

Raw Guava And Green Mango Salad

Guava and mango both are most loved fruits. Raw mango is used for making pickle, chutney, rasam and many other dishes. Unlike raw mango, raw guava is not much used in dishes. Ripened guava fruits are used for making juice, salad, jam etc. Raw guava has slightly sour taste and can be used for making a raw fruit salad with other fruits. Salads prepared using both raw guava and mango tastes good. You can add other salad vegetables to this.

This salad is good for weight loss program and diabetic friendly too. Click here to read how guava benefits our health. If you prefer you can eliminate raw mango from the ingredients and try guava and veggie salad! It tastes good too!!


  1. Raw guava – One big – grated or cut into small pieces
  2. Raw mango – one big- grated or cut into small pieces
  3. Carrot – grated – one small
  4. Green chili- one
  5. Red or  yellow capsicum – one – cut into small pieces
  6. Mustard – ¼ tsp
  7. Asafetida- pinch
  8. Oil – for seasoning
  9. Salt – as per taste
  10. Lemon juice- 1 tsp
  11. Coconut – ¼ cup (grated)
  12. Ginger – ¼ inch (grated)
  13. Cilantro – chopped ¼ cup
  14. Curry leaves – few


  1. Wash and grate or cut guava into small pieces. Do not grate seed portion.
  2. Wash and cut mango to small pieces. You can grate mango if it is hard. If mango is soft do not grate as it releases juice and salad becomes soggy.
  3. Cut or grate carrot and cut other vegetables to small thin pieces.
  4. Mix guava, mango and all cut vegetables
  5. On medium heat prepare seasoning with mustard, green chili, hing, curry leaves and grated ginger.
  6. Add seasoning to salad, add salt, grated coconut and chopped cilantro
  7. Mix well and serve fresh during lunch or dinner.

Image credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/474707616974540827/ & https://lushepicurean.com/

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 15, 2023

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