Flax Seed Chutney Powder

Flax Seed Chutney Powder

One of the rich sources of Omega -3-fatty acids is the healthiest food namely flax seed. Flax seeds not only prevents excessive gas, but they can also help fight constipation. Grounded flaxseeds powder can be added to smoothies, dressings and yogurts. Apart from omega -3-fatty acids they also contain good amount of fiber and, lignans. It is good source for cardiovascular health and controls cholesterol level and known to assist in fertility and menopause as it also helps in balancing hormones.

A traditional recipe– flax seed chutney powder is very tasty and one can have this spicy item mixed with rice or can mix with oil and have with jawar roti, roti, idli, dosa and with curd rice.

1. Flax seeds 1 cup
2. Dry red chillies 8-10
3. Chana dal (Split Bengal gram) 3- 4 tsp
4. Urad Dal (Split black gram) 3-4 tsp
5. Sesame seeds 2tsp
6. Cumin seeds 2 tsp
7. Garlic (optional) 2 cloves
8. Salt


1. Heat a pan and dry roast flax seeds in low heat till aroma comes. Keep aside.(Cover the lid while roasting).

2. In same pan roast chana dal, urad dal, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, garlic and dry red chillies SEPARATELY. Let them cool.

3. Combine all the roasted ingredients and salt in a blender. Make fine powder.

4. Flax seed chutney powder is ready. Store it in an airtight container.

5. Flax seed chutney powder goes well with white rice, roti, chapati, idli etc.

Recipe by: Mamatha Anil @ http://bhakshyabhojana.blogspot.com/

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: June 6, 2016

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