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Yoga sequence to promote hair health

Yoga Sequences For Hair Growth And Hair Health

Are you trying hard to grow and maintain your hair? Are you trying new hair products and new ways to keep good hair? Try practicing yoga sequences for hair growth and maintenance. Yoga helps to keep body and mind in harmony. When our mind is in good health, our body feels energetic. Apart from good diet, shampooing, conditioning and applying oil, include yoga in your daily practice to promote hair growth.

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Balayam yoga for hair health

Balayam yoga or Rubbing Nails

One of the popular simple and effective yoga poses that prevents hair loss and baldness. It is highly recommended for hair aliments. Bal stands for hair and vyayam is exercise.

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Padahastsana for hair growth

Padahastasana – Forward Bend

After balayam yoga, tadasana practices indlude Padahastasana – Foot Hand Forward Bend – it is an intermediate pose that helps to come out from stress. Practicing padahastana

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Downward dog pose for hair health

Downward Dog Pose & Mountain Pose

Adho Mukha Svanasana is the Sanskrit name for Downward dog pose. This pose increases blood and oxygen circulation to face and head. It helps to stimulate blood capillaries that supply food to hair follicles. To perform Downward dog pose

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Fish pose for hair growth

Fish Pose -Mastyasana

Matsyasana, the fish pose – in this pose head is bend back while lifting the chest. The arch created behind chest helps to place the back of the head on mat.

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Shirsasana Headstand for hair health

Shirsasana or Headstand

Headstand pose is advanced pose in yoga. It takes several years of practice to get into the pose. If you are not comfortable then you can do shoulder stand after fish pose.

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Vajrasana for hair health

Vajrasana or Diamond Pose

Improper digestion leads to hair loss. Constipation and indigestion lead to loss of nutrient in the body. This will cause hair fall and results in unhealthy and dry hair too. Practicing diamond pose or vajrasana after Shirsasana helps to bring digestion process in order and promotes nutrient supply to hair.

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