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Tag: vegetarian recipes

Madduru vada recipe

Evening Snack Madduru Vada

A cup coffee with spicy evening snack during rainy season lifts our mood. Try Madduru vada for a rainy day.

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Breadfruit vegan cutlet

Breadfruit vegan cutlet

Breadfruit is a tropical fruit and available in many countries including India, Central America and parts of US. If you find breadfruit in local store, try preparing breadfruit vegan cutlets.

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Cook and feed mom

Cook and feed Mom

Cook and feed Mom: Everyday mom cooks for you. When you are studying or attending to work, she even brings food to you. Is not she?

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Spicy roti recipe

Lip smacking Apple pickle & Spicy roti

There are many varieties of Indian roti recipes one can venture. One of the popular Indian roti which has slight spice into it is missy roti or besan roti. With slight modification of ingredients, you can make missy roti

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Baked spicy bread rolls

Baked Spicy Bread Rolls

For winter snack try spicy baked bread rolls. Overall preparation time is 10-15 mins. Snack will be ready within 45 mins. Have tomato ketchup ready and serve hot baked bread rolls.

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Punjabi kadhi

Punjabi Kadhi Pakora

Punjabhi Kadhi Pakora is a tasty gravy, vegetarian food from the State of Punjab in India.

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Quinoa Zucchini Fritters

Quinoa zucchini fritters

Combine these three ingredients with some Indian spices and try preparing delicious fritters – quinoa zucchini fritters

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Spicy herb bread

Homemade spicy herb bread

kneed the flour using a wooden spoon and hands until the dough ball cleanly separates from sides of the bowl. Try the spicy herb bread for evening snack or morning breakfast.

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