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Cumin pepper rasam

Cumin pepper rasam

One popular rasam recipe is commonly known as “jeera-menasu” rasam. Jeera is cumin and meanasu is black pepper.

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Apple rose pastry for Valentine's day

Apple Rose For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and people love to express their feeling with everyone. In fact, Valentine’s day is for everybody who wants to bring change in the world by sharing and showing love.

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Punjabi kadhi

Punjabi Kadhi Pakora

Punjabhi Kadhi Pakora is a tasty gravy, vegetarian food from the State of Punjab in India.

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Cucumber idli recipe

Healthy cucumber idli recipe

adding cucumber to idli makes it taste different in a good way. Try cucumber idli recipe for a change for breakfast or dinner.

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Corn pomegranate spicy chat

Spicy corn pomegranate chat

Looking for quick and easy evening snack? Try Corn pomegranate combination spicy chat. This chat is delicious and can be a party entree item too

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Quinoa cauliflower balls

Quinoa balls with cauliflower

We are presenting another recipe using quinoa. A simple, yummy recipe with cauliflower and cheese is a good snack item. You can either bake them or deep fry them. Try quinoa balls with cauliflower and get benefits of eating quinoa!

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Carrot coconut salad

Gut friendly carrot coconut salad

To increase the taste one can prepare carroty curry or carrot coconut salad and have as a side dish with rice and chapati or eat salad as it is.

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Dahi bhindi recipe

Dahi Bhindi recipe

Bhindi is a favorite subji or vegetable of many as it provides good health benefits including diabetic condition. Try dahi bhindi with hot puris.

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