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Cucumber seed rasam

Delicious Dosekai Sambar Cucumber Seeds Rasam

Do you know, you can prepare delicious rasam using sambar cucumber seeds? Sambar cucumber is also known as dosekai. It’s skin is colorful with green and yellow patches.

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Raw Banana Cutlet

Raw Banana Cutlet Recipe

Raw bananas are healthy and contain nutrients that support our digestive system. The main ingredient is starch and the same starch converts to sugar in ripened bananas. The starch in raw banana does not digest in small intestine totally, hence it is considered as dietary fiber. Another ingredient in raw banana is pectin. Both pectin and starch are good for blood sugar maintenance and digestive health.

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Quinoa cauliflower balls

Quinoa balls with cauliflower

Quinoa is one of the healthiest nutrient rich food on earth! Quinoa is a preferred fiber rich food in many diets. It not only promotes weight loss, also improves blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

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Tiranga Pulao

Basmati Tiranga Pulao Rice

On India’s Independence day, celebrate our traditions with Basmati Tiranga Pulao rice. Basmati rice has unique fragrance and is lighter on digestive system.

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Foxtail Millet Idli

Delicious foxtail millet idli

Try this healthy, delicious foxtail millet idli recipe with sambar and chutney at home.

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Simple And Delicious Jam Recipes

Simple And Delicious Jam Recipes

Jam has an organic shape to it, and often has chunks of fruit in it.

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Stuffed Idlis

Idli is South Indian breakfast item. It is considered as the most healthiest and nutrient rich breakfast of India.

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Basil zucchini soup

Basil zucchini Jalapeno soup

Basil zucchini jalapeno soup is very tasty and not only it gives taste bud a lift, it also helps throat to recover.

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