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Instant Wheat flour Dosa

try this healthy whole wheat flour dosa. It takes less time and easy to prepare. You will get all goodness needed from a breakfast – fiber, protein, iron and other minerals

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Basil zucchini Jalapeno soup

Basil zucchini jalapeno soup is very tasty and not only it gives taste bud a lift, it also helps throat to recover.

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Recipe for Sathyanarayana Prasadam

In India, people often perform Sri Sathyanarayana Puja at homes and temples. People gather to celebrate the puja and offer a special dish to Lord Sri
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Easy to prepare veg fried Rice

Adding vegetable to rice is one way to consume vegetables to keep our self healthy. One easy, fast, delicious recipe helps us to eat varieties of vegetables is “Veg Fried rice”.

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Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus

Roasted red bell pepper hummus is slightly darker color and has a tangy taste to it. It is easy to prepare.

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Cumin pepper rasam

One popular rasam recipe is commonly known as “jeera-menasu” rasam. Jeera is cumin and meanasu is black pepper.

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Ash gourd halwa and Ash gourd kootu

One way to keep stomach worms and stomach ulcer is consuming a good vegetable namely Ash gourd. Winter time of the year we can see Ash gourd or winter gourd often in the vegetable market.

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Delicious and healthy buttermilk rasam

During winter time we hesitate to drink cold buttermilk yet we feel like drinking buttermilk. Here is a way to drink buttermilk during winter -try thi
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