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Beauty with a purpose Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar

India’s Manushi Chhillar from Haryana won Miss World 2017 crown, which is India’s 6th win.

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RPM teaches communication in Autistic Children

Rapid Prompting Method RPM

An Indian mother Soma Mukhopadhyay who lives in Texas, developed a technique to teach communication skills to her autistic son Tito. Soma called this technique Rapid Prompting Method or RPM.

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Warning to parents your Child's life is in danger

Warning to parents – Your child’s life is in danger

This content may not be appealing to everybody. But it is very important! Beware parents – learn and stop these dangerous games before your child becomes a player and victim of social media challenges.

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Human Foetus

Human fetus can recognize face like visual stimuli

Recent studies and reports answers yes to your question. Yes, human fetus can recognize face like visual stimuli !!

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Brain age may predict the early death

Brain age may predict the early death !

Aging does not affect humans uniformly. Because of this reason, it is hard to predict what happens after certain age or when death happens.

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Benefits of Jamun(Jamboo)

Benefits of Jamun (Jamboo)

Call it Jamun, Jambul, Nerale, Jamboo, Malabar plum or by your favorite name- this fruit tree namely Jamnun or Syzygium Cuminiis is another miracle tree.

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Going Gluten Free Doesn't Stop Type 2 Diabetes

Going gluten free does not stop diabetes

A new analysis suggests that going gluten free does not stop developing diabetic condition. Instead, it may increase the chance of acquiring Type 2 diabetes condition.

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March - Colon Cancer Awareness Month

What Is Colon Cancer – Educate Yourself

Colon cancer has become a reality for many people younger than age 50, and it’s the only group where incidence rates are on the rise.

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