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Tag: Evening Snacks

Madduru vada recipe

Evening Snack Madduru Vada

A cup coffee with spicy evening snack during rainy season lifts our mood. Try Madduru vada for a rainy day.

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Baked spicy bread rolls

Baked Spicy Bread Rolls

For winter snack try spicy baked bread rolls. Overall preparation time is 10-15 mins. Snack will be ready within 45 mins. Have tomato ketchup ready and serve hot baked bread rolls.

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Vegetable Cutlet Recipe

Vegetable Cutlet

Carrot contains good amount of valuable nutrients and soluble fiber, so also is the bean.

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Spicy Kodubale

Kodubale Karnataka special

Kodubale is a type of murukku or spicy rings from Karnataka. It is a traditional snack item and many households will make and keep it for everyday snack purposes.

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