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Yogi tea

How to prepare Yogi Tea at home

Instead of drinking soda and other caffeinated drinks after your wonderful practice drink yogi tea.

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Coriander, Black Pepper and Ginger Kashaya

Coriander, Ginger and Black Pepper Kashaya

All three ingredients known to reduce cold symptoms. Good for reducing stomach ache and bloating. Helps to reduce arthritis pain.

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Indian Sarsaparilla Root

Indian Sarsaparilla Kashaya

It is a must try Kashaya. It is used for making Ayurvedic medicines. Pickles prepared using root is very tasty and sold in the market.

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Grandma’s Khashaya

Khashaya is the Grandma’s age-old method to get rid of irritation in throat, cough, cold, fatigue related to cold and to remove phlegm.

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Pepper Rice

Pepper Rice For Winter

For this cold winter try something new – a traditional black pepper rice. It can be a lunch item too.

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