Diet working or not

How to tell your diet is working

You have been trying various types of diets to maintain your weight and it might be working or not working. It takes time to notice change in weight. However, one can find out whether a diet is working or not working by noticing body and mind expression after going through a diet program for one or two weeks. Your body will express whether the diet is working or not working in different ways.

16 signs that shows your diet is working:

  1. You are more energetic than before.
  2. You feel energized more after a good night sleep
  3. You are happy and cheerful than before your diet change
  4. You are at peace with food that you consume and your body feels great
  5. You are sleeping really well, not waking up in between
  6. Your mind is calm, sharp and creative than before
  7. Your digestion system is working great – you go to motion regularly, no or less constipation.
  8. Your body aches are reduced or no pain
  9. You feel like exercising everyday
  10. Your skin is glowing, your face showing less wrinkles
  11. Your confidence is back
  12. You love the food that you are eating everyday
  13. You prefer water than soda
  14. You hop onto scale every day!
  15. You try wearing good old clothes
  16. You are smiling and your temper is cool!

If you notice at least half of the positive changes from above mentioned list in your body and mind, then stick to that diet. You will soon notice weight change.

 16 Signs indicating diet is not working

  1.  You are constantly hungry
  2. You have more food cravings and love to eat more carbohydrates
  3. You feel tired when you wake up in the morning
  4. Your energy level crashes often, feels tired
  5. Your creativity level has gone down, your have brain fog
  6. You are less happy and have lack of motivation
  7. You don’t feel like exercising
  8. You take regular breaks
  9. You have regular mood swings and angry
  10. You have bloated tummy and feel gassy
  11. Your body ache is increased
  12. Your energy level crashes often
  13. You feel sick most time
  14. You are losing your confidence
  15. You don’t step out as much as you used to
  16. You have reduced your exercise routines

If you notice any negative changes stop that diet and go back to normal food. List what are suitable food for you and take control of your diet again. Don’t give up!

Image credit: Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 22, 2023

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