Story of two wolves

Story of two wolves with a message

Have you heard story of two wolves? An old Cherokee tells his grandson a story about the constant battle that goes inside people “the battle between two wolves”. One wolf is evil filled with jealousy, negative thoughts, evil, greedy, arrogant, self-pity, guilt, false pride, superiority and ego. Second wolf is good- with good thoughts, hope, courage, humility, kindness, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, faith and love.

Grandfather asks grandson “In the constant battle between the two wolves inside us, who will win is the question”. Grandson thinks and asks which wolf wins? Grandfather replies “The one you feed”.

Story of two wolves is famous and many of us are aware of. It is a simple and genuine story. The meaning of the story is so deep. It helps us to manage our thoughts, actions, feelings and emotions. It means, you are responsible for your action.

When you deal with external world – your children, spouse, parents, boss, friends, public, workers including social media you need to feed yourself with one wolf. Choice is yours. Your response depends on which wolf you feed.  You need to recognize you have control over yourself.

While responding if you chose to feed first wolf, then you should know what you are going to get back. If you feed evil wolf then get ready to face the world with same emotions – hate, negativity, fights, arrogance and loneliness. If you feed good wolf, then you will get back what you deserved including peace and happiness.

It means, mastering your habits is important. We can never get rid of both wolves in our life. The fight between two wolves is eternal. Our everyday behavior, emotions and approach towards outside world depends on which wolf we feed within. No one has perfect life and every one of us living in pure bliss.

We need to face the first wolf and move forward by carrying good thoughts from second wolf. During the battle of no motivation, no confidence and unhappiness feed second wolf and face the world. If you keep feeding evil wolf, you will not accomplish anything in life. When you tell your mind how capable you are, how worthy you are despite challenges and constraints in life you will step forward (in life).

If you want to be a good citizen, build a good community around you and want to focus on healthy life then focus on providing and delivering service for those who are around you. Your efforts of feeding second wolf will not go unnoticed and you will feel the worth of feeding good wolf inside you!

Image credit: Image by WorldInMyEyes from Pixabay

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 1, 2018

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