Helpful study tips

Helpful study tips to study smarter

For some children schools are already started for this calendar year and for some schools will reopen soon. Children want to study well and to do well they need proper guidance. What children need to understand is, study does not start they night before the exam or night before assignment due date. To perform well child need to develop hobby of reading and studying. It should be a daily routine for couple of hours to get most out of the study.

Helpful study tips to study smarter

Pick time and place: A comfortable place and time both are essential for studies. Place can be study room, library or a place where there is less distraction. For some studying at evening hours feels better. After evening sports and relaxing time, start your reading, homework etc. After dinner continue couple of hours and get good sleep. Do not push yourself to study late hours. Early morning hours if you have time before your school bus comes, pick up where you left off and do some work.

Planning time: One can set alarms to remind study hours. Use your smart phone to set up alarm and also mark it on your calendar. Stick a note on your study room that you can see to remind you about assignment, exams, lab work due dates etc.

Listing: Keep a note book to list study related work. Do it once or twice a week. Make a to do list helps to start study session and after completing task put a mark infront of the completed task.

Set time limit: Depending on the subject you might need extra time to complete the work. Based on your time needs put a time limit for your all home works. Each task that you are going to attend must have set time to spend on the task including completion of work.

Reviewing and revision: Every week at least once review your work and revise by quizzing, questioning and answering. Ask your siblings, family or friends to ask questions. Have flash cards and look at flash cards to review what you have read. Thinking  over and over few times will help you to understand subject material easy.

Learning style: Everyone has a preferred way of learning. Some want to just read books, some want to take notes while reading – find out what helps you to understand and keep materials in your memory. New technologies gives us an option of listening to audio records of many subjects. You can take help of visual aids to  learn. Some prefer discussion with friends and teachers on subject. Develop group of friends who has similar interests and discuss with them on various topics.

Write it down: It is a well-known practice – write down important points in a note book. This will help you during a quick revision. Create test questions and answer it  the way you do at your examinations.

Seek help: If you don’t know or don’t understand subject, topic – ask your teacher or a subject expert to help. Sometimes friends, seniors can help you to solve problems and understand the subject. Browsing on computer too will give you answers for those questions that you might need help with.

Take break and move around: Continuous study is not good for brain memory. It always needs a break. Sometimes too much studying can cause frustration due to not understanding the material. Take a break between studies. A physical stretch or a game with friend or participating in sports – all will help to refresh. After break when you revisit the material, you might study it with clear mind.

Apps will help: There are many apps available for students to help in study. Educational apps that are aimed at different school levels are available. Ask your teacher about the app that might be able to help you in your studies.

Motivation: Do not give up on your studies. Education is an important step in everyone’s life. Stay motivated. Always remember the goal and remind yourself why are you studying. Write down inspirational quotes and paste it on the wall.

Come up with your own strategies and see how it helps you to study. While studying look after your health, your well being and stay relaxed. Learning what works and helps you study – create that environment. Enjoy your student life, because it is golden life.

Image credit: Image by lil_foot_ from Pixabay 

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 1, 2019

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