House wall cleaning tips

Twenty one tips to clean house walls

While decorating and cleaning we often neglect house walls and ceilings. Cleaning walls and ceilings keeps the house bright and airy. Keeping wall in good condition is needed to avoid any types of damages, reworking, cobweb, mass and fungal growth. Keeping clean wall should be a routine housekeeping work too.

Tips to clean house walls

  1. Using broom stick or additional service tool in vacuum cleaner remove the cobweb.
  2. Using a duster, dust the walls regularly. You can also use an old clean cloth or broom stick to dust
  3. If you are using any type of liquid to clean the wall, make sure to turn off the electricity.
  4. If the wall requires washing and washable, then use a damp soft sponge and all-purpose cleaner and wipe gently.
  5.  Before using any cleaning products, make sure that the cleaning products does not stain the wall.
  6. Oil painted wall surfaces can be cleaned using soap water, followed by water and pat dry.
  7. Do not clean white washed wall using water or chemicals as it removes the white wash easily
  8. On painted wall to remove stains use rubber eraser. Even the fresh white bread is useful!
  9. For brick wall cleaning – scrubbing using brush works. If the grout is loose between bricks fix it.
  10. While cleaning brick avoid water splashing or wet cleaning as the water can enter between bricks or can soak brick causing mildew development.
  11. While cleaning wall paper take precautions. Before selecting wall papers, make sure to pick up washable wall papers for kitchen or bathroom.
  12. For vinyl wallpaper use a damp cloth, soft brush or damp sponge to clean using soapy water. Detergent drops in water will do. Dry the surface of wall paper.
  13. If the wallpaper is stained, color changed – do not cut or tear the paper. Instead remove carefully by tearing old paper from the edge and replace with new one.  
  14. To remove oil stains from wall paper in kitchen, use talcum powder. Dust powder on the stain, leave it for few minutes and wipe using an old clean cloth or brush it off.
  15. For textured wall paper cleaning, use low power vacuum or clean using clean cloth.
  16. To clean plastered wall – dust regularly. If the plaster is washable then use soap water and clean the surface using damp sponge followed by dabbing with dry cloth.
  17. If unwanted and old nail holes are visible fill them using plaster or clay. Toothpaste filling also works out!
  18. Any pencil or pen marks – most time can be erased using eraser or magic eraser. Try it out!
  19. Regularly clean ceiling fans. While cleaning remove dust sitting in the blade edges. Some fans come with light fixtures. Using a clean cloth clean light fixture.
  20. While decorating the house, do not be in a hurry and fix things on wall. Filling wall with items will make dust to sit on items and makes it less attractive too. Select wall decoration items that gives look to house.
  21. Glass walls must be cleaned using glass cleaner. Scum, dust and hand prints can be cleaned using a good glass cleaner or window glass cleaner. Some marks on glass can be remove using old newspaper. (Free for commercial uses)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 24, 2023

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