Toothpaste hacks

These toothpaste hacks really work

Apart from whitening and cleaning teeth, toothpaste can be used for fixing, cleaning, polishing and other purposes. Here are 17 toothpaste hacks that can come in handy.

  1. Cleaning eye glasses: For this one don’t use gel toothpaste. Use regular toothpaste. Put a tiny drop of white toothpaste on your eye glass lenses. Polish glasses using soft cloth. Wash using running water. It removes dirt and clears fog.
  2. Shoe cleaning: White shoes get dirty easily. Get white toothpaste and apply on dirty areas of shoe. Use cloth and rub on dirty areas, it will look clean and almost brand new.
  3. Clean keyboard: To remove dust between key boards and remove oil and dirt use drop of toothpaste. Use a cotton ear bud to apply the paste between keys and run it through the key spaces. Key board looks clean.
  4. Trash can odor removal: Place a paper on bottom of trash can and put few drops of toothpaste gel then place trash bag. It absorbs stinky odor.
  5. Clean cellphone screen: Apply a small drop of toothpaste on mobile screen, using a soft cloth wipe it off from one direction.
  6. Close the nail hole: Sometimes by mistakes we end up having nail holes in the wall. To cover the holes use toothpaste.
  7. To remove crayons colors: kids love to draw on wall. Instead of using paint to cover it up, apply toothpaste on the wall, rub and wipe it using old clean rag.
  8. Silverware cleaning: To clean silverware that turned almost black, apply toothpaste and leave it for at least 20 minutes. Rub it using a waste paper or soft cloth, wash silverware to see the well polished look.
  9. Furniture cleaning: Apply toothpaste on old plastic furniture, leave it for few minutes. Wipe and clean it using water. Use toothpaste water to remove dark ring stains of coffee and tea from the tables.
  10. Car headlight cleaning: Apply toothpaste on headlight and polish using soft cloth.
  11. Refrigerator white seal: Sometimes the white seal in refrigerator gets black or yellow due to food stain. Apply toothpaste using a old tooth brush and brush it.
  12. Removing sticky gum: Toothpaste breaks down sugar in chewing gum. If you see gum sticking on furniture, cloth or on hair, use toothpaste. Apply on the gum and leave it for few minutes. It will become easy to remove sticky gum after toothpaste application.
  13. Cleaning nails: Instead of spending money on manicures, use a soft brush to apply toothpaste on nails and scrub it over on top and underneath finger nails. You will end up having clean and beautiful nails.
  14. Baby milk bottle cleaner: Baby milk bottles develops bad sour milk odor over time. Use toothpaste to wash followed by rinse in water. It not only deodorizes the bottles, also gives a fresh look for bottles.
  15. To remove hair dye color from sink: Use toothpaste to remove hair dye color from sink and shower stall. Apply and leave it for few minutes. Rub toothpaste using bathroom brush and wash it off using water.
  16. Nail polish removal alternative: Mix toothpaste with lemon juice and prepare a dilute paste. Apply on old nail polish and use cotton to remove the nail polish!
  17. Mosquito bite: Apply toothpaste on any bug bite, make sure toothpaste has menthol in it. Menthol helps to cool the skin and reduces itchiness.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 17, 2019

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