Spring cleaning tips for home

Spring cleaning tips for home

Spring is beautiful season and time to remove clutters accumulated during winter season.

Spring means going outdoors and keeping house doors open, windows open and let the bright Sun light in.

It also means cleaning the house to make it more pleasant and attractive to live.

Here is a list of spring cleaning tips…

  1. Stainless sink: Sprinkle baking soda inside the sink and using a sponge scrub the sink. If needed add salt with baking soda.
  2. Water stains in faucets: Rub lemon half on faucet and remove hard water stains.
  3. Shower head: Remove calcium and mineral deposits by white vinegar. Fill plastic bag/Ziploc with white vinegar and immerse showerhead in the liquid. Secure with rubber band. It takes overnight treatment to remove deposits.
  4. Burnt residue? Place a wet dryer sheet on ceramic top for few minutes and rub the burnt residues
  5. Grill stains: Spray white vinegar onto grates and scrub using half cut onion. Any residues will come out. Use cleaning cloth and remove residues.
  6. Clean glass surface: Use old newspapers to get streak -free look of windows and glasses. Spray water -vinegar- liquid soap mix using a spray bottle on glasses and windows. Clean using newspaper.
  7. Planning to clean furniture? Understand which material your furniture made of and what manufacture labeling says. Upholstery cleaning labels read like this: W: Use water based cleaning solution, S: Dry cleaning solvents only, S-W: Use water based cleaners or dry cleaning solvents. X: Use only vacuum or brush
  8. Cleaning vents: Lot of dust settle down during winter in vent. Use a butter knife and get into places between and behind vents. Wrap knife with thin cloth and clean between slats.
  9. Removing dust from surface: Use old socks for this purpose. Wear socks in hands and run hands on dust surface.
  10. Cleaning ceiling fans: Use old pillow cases to clean fans. Cover blades with old pillows while cleaning so that dust won’t fall on you.
  11. Exhaust fan: Use vacuum cleaner brush or damp cloth. Wipe down blades and non- electric parts.
  12. Table and floor fans: Use vacuum cleaner brush or a duster to clean. Makesure fan is unplugged and clean blades using hair dryer. If grills can be removed, hose them under shower. Dry and put reassemble parts.
  13. Clean floor mats: For outdoor mats apply mild dish soap and water mix using spray bottle. Use a soft bristled brush and loosen the dirt. Use a garden hose and wash mat outside or pour bucket of water and wash. Sun dry the mat. Bath and kitchen mats – can be washed in washing machine.
  14. Light fixtures: Use a stepladder to clean light fixtures. Spray natural cleaner and use clean soft cloth.
  15. Dust bunny removal: Get a dustpan with rubber edge. This helps to pick up the dust bunny. Use right kind of vacuum and remove dust bunny.
  16. Mattresses: Remove dust using vacuum cleaner. Spot clean any stains and deodorize using baking soda. Vacuum baking soda and air it out using natural sun light. Here are more tips to clean mattresses.

Image credit: Photo by Anthony from Pexels (Free for commercial use)

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: May 7, 2018

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