How to prevent mold at home

Mold Prevention Tips

Mold can cause severe damage to the house. Having mold infection also means inviting infection inside home.  A small spot of mold that you notice at home, must not be neglected. Act today before it grows and cause problem to house. Why mold grows at home and how to prevent mold growth?

To control mold damage, one has to control the moisture and if any signs of mold growth is there, immediately work on to get rid of the mold.

Where and when can we expect mold?

  1. Humidity: Sometimes depending on location where your live, mold appears in and outside the house walls. Humid conditions can lead to mold growth outside the house.
  2. Leaks: Any type of leaks on and behind wall, water dripping under the sink, water leak from roof can damage the area and mold develops
  3. No air circulation: Fresh air is critical for house as well as for people live inside the house. No airflow leads to stagnant, damp air that supports mold.
  4. If you find water mark on roof, wall paper or feel musty odor – it could be due to hidden leaks from the poor plumbing.
  5. Steam in bathroom: Humidity accumulation in bathroom due to hot shower promotes mold growth. Dampness of wall and curtain causes this issue.
  6. Vents and duct: Moisture in vents an duct support mold growth.
  7. Basement: Having basement is great. In some places basement is used for vehicle parking, and many countries basement is an extra place. Basement is generally the wettest place and one will feel dampness.  If the air is not circulating or not kept dry, if downspouts are not fixed properly it could lead to severe mold.
  8. Water standing: When there is stagnant water and does not drain for long time, mold starts to grow and drainage pipe will turn black. Similarly if the water is sitting in a bottle, vessel or even coffee pot it could lead to mold development
  9. Wet floor and carpets: Dampness in floor and carpet leads to mold. If you are coming inside house in rain or snow boots, step onto floor or carpet or leave shoes on the floor or carpet- small water pool that is created could lead to mold development.
  10. Wet clothes: During rainy seasons drying cloth could be problem. And if the clothes are not dried properly, mold easily grows not only causing dots on cloths also, it gives musty, mildew odor and wearing such clothes could cause itchiness.

Mold prevention tips and preparation of mold removal solutions: First use methods to remove the mold and mold mark. If you don’t know how to remove mold, call professionals to address mold issues. You can also prevent mold growth using following tips.

  1. Check for visible as well as hidden leaks. Call plumbers if you notice any water mark and mildew growth. Any hidden leaks should be fixed properly.
  2. Run exhaust fan in bathroom or if it is safe, open the windows to allow fresh air and sun light to enter.
  3. Run humidifier in basement and if there is dampness in basement, use heater to dry the area.
  4. Remove stagnat water on the floor. Allow it to dry.
  5. Dry wet floor and carpets: Use paper towel or dry towel to suck the water from floor and carpet. Run a room heater to dry the area.
  6. Use wet vacuum and dehumidifier to clean the house and to remove dampness.
  7. Clean house plant trays. Standing water in the trays should be taken out and clean the tray.
  8. Open house windows whenever you can. Daily opening windows is a great idea. This allows fresh air to come in.
  9. Investigate the house from outside. Look at wooden structure, windows, pipes, gutter for mold signs.
  10. Use dehumidifier inside house to remove humidity and moisture.
  11. Clean vent and duct – call professional at least once in two years. Clean vent covers using vinegar and dry it off.
  12. Dry clothes properly. Don’t leave damp clothes anywhere in the house. Use dryer to dry clothes or dry clothes by properly hanging them.

Mold removal solutions: Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands while working with chemicals and other cleaning products. And, Do not mix ammonia and bleach solution ever as it causes toxic fumes breathing of which cause severe sickness.

Here are three mold removal solutions:

  • For kitchen and baths: Use undiluted white vinegar on hard surfaces. 
  • Bleach solution kills mold. To one gallon of water mix one cup of bleach and apply on surface. Leave it for 15 mins and wash using hot water. 
  • Mix ammonia and water at 1:1 solution. Spray on the surface, wait two to three hours, then rinse. 

Having mold infection can cause breathing issue. Those who have low immunity or moderate immunity should not be exposed to mold spores as inhaling mold spores could cause breathing problem. Take all necessary preventive measures to prevent mold growth.

Image credit: Photo by Peter Herrmann on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 9, 2023

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