Thanksgiving day preparation tips

Last minutes preparation tips for perfect Thanksgiving

Just four days left for Thanksgiving and if you are looking to get ready and don’t have proper plan then here are few tips.

  1. Make a list of food items, ingredients and stuffs that are essential for thanksgiving day. Buy non -perishables three days before. Have a checklist ready with your last minute plans
  2. Buy perishable food items just a day or two before.
  3. Buy flowers that need for decoration two days before and don’t forget to keep them in flower vase. You can arrange them a day before thanksgiving.
  4. This year it might be a social distancing or virtual thanksgiving. In case you are going to have your family, plan on sitting arrangements.
  5. Check kitchen ingredients that are needed for dinner preparation. Make a list or if you have a list go through the list to make sure you have not forgotten anything.
  6. Get ready with ingredients preparation for dinner previous day and store them in pantry and or in the fridge depending upon what food items they are.
  7. For dinner preparation and serving – separate utensils. Sort out vessels based on menu and keep a post-it inside the vessels with dish name.
  8. Bake desserts or pies previous day.
  9. You can prepare any such dishes that does not spoil previous day itself. Some final touchups and seasoning you can give on the thanksgiving morning. Following thanksgiving dinner items can be prepared one to two days before- Cranberry sauce, veg gravy, pie crust, dinner rolls can be prepared previous day. Prepare mashed potatoes and store in the refrigerator.
  10. Soup can be prepared few days before. It is not late – prepare soup two to three days before and freeze. Take it out in the morning of thanksgiving to rethaw and reheat to serve.
  11. Two days before going through your dinner serving sets is a good idea. See are there any chips and cracks in serving plates and bowls. Keep good ones separated in the cabinet to use.
  12. Clean wine glasses and keep wine bottle opener handy.
  13. On the day of thanksgiving – make floral arrangements and get ready. Remove washed dishes from dish washer. Make space on countertop. Bring out items from freezer and refrigerator to complete dinner work.
  14. You can work on salad assemble an hour before dinner.
  15. Use slow cooker, toaster oven, insulated cooler to keep food warm.
  16. If you are vegetarian and vegan – your job is much easier for main course. Here are the dishes you can prepare instead of Turkey! – Stuffed squash, Lasagna, pumpkin pot pie, bread turkey role that looks like turkey, stuffed tofu etc.
  17. Don’t forget to investigate your check list to cross check all things are in place!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and plan on Christmas Holidays!

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 24, 2020

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