Save on your utility bills

Important Tips to Save Big on Your Utility Bills

The cost of our utility bills always seems to be on higher side. If you sit and argue with utility company, they might say your usage is high. Consider taking few steps to save energy and money by taking simple steps.

  1. If you have not already, then change light bulbs to LEDs. According to ‘Nationalgrid to save energy-
    • Replace outdated lighting with ENERGY STAR® certified lights, which last up to 25 percent longer and use up to 90 percent less electricity than older incandescent bulbs.
    • Make use of natural light sources during daytime hours with blinds and skylights.
    • Turn your lights off during the day, which can save up to 40 percent.
    • Use dimmer switches to save energy and change the mood in a room.
  2. If you are living in cold regions and where winter is harsh, look at home- Air seal home, seal cracks, leaks and gaps. Add insulation that helps you to save money on cooling and heating costs.
  3. Conserving water is good way to save both money and energy. To conserve water and to lower water bill:
    • Stop leaks. Repairing even small leaks saves liters of water and money each month.
    • Install water-saving faucets and low-flow showerheads. 
    • Set a maximum hot water heater temperature of 120° F.
    • Upgrade your water heater to a high-efficiency model.
    • Rain-harvest method helps to save on water bill
    • Consider using cold water to wash clothes.
  4. Use dishwashers and washer at nighttime. This not only keeps house cool, also reduces load on power grid.
  5. Consider putting clothes for drying in Sun light instead of using dryer.
  6. Use air dry option for dish drying instead of heated dry.
  7. Dress according to the seasons. Winter weather means warmer cloths, summer means comfortable clothes that helps to keep body cool. This will reduce running cost of heater and air conditioner.
  8. Defrost freezer and refrigerator before ice builds up. This will help the machine to run efficiently.
  9. Do not keep refrigerator empty. Store food and water bottles.  When occupied fridge will operate efficiently. However, do not overload your refrigerator. It causes less airflow and machine will work hard.
  10. Clean all filters at home, replace the one that are dirty. Clogged filters will make heater run hard.
  11. During summer, keep blinds, curtains down on windows to keep house cool. If you have a basement, consider using it during summer to keep your body cool.
  12. To control amount of energy supply to electronics that you use, take help of smart power strips If you don’t have power strip, unplug the electronics when you are not using.
  13. When not in use unplug chargers. Keeping chargers plugged in will still draw energy.
  14. Adjusting TV display setting to low power use mode without compromising picture quality will help.
  15. During winter set thermostat between 67-69 F and Summertime between 72-74 F. Every degree of cooling or heating increases energy use by 6 to 8%.
  16. Don’t leave phones charging overnight. Phones and activity trackers like Fitbit need only couple of hours to charge 100%.
  17. Use ceiling fan or table fan to keep cool is a good idea to save money.
  18. You can also introduce solar panel at your home. This could save you big chunk of money (check whether any subsidy is available)
  19. Consider adding a reflective roof coating that can help improve energy efficiency.
  20. Do you know? Every time you peek inside oven by opening the door, while baking could end up in more energy usage. It means you will lose temperature while peeking and to raise temperature you need more energy.
  21. Keep manufactures temperature recommendation for refrigerator to avoid energy wastage.
  22. Use photocell fixture or a timer to operate outdoor lights.
  23. Turn off lights when you don’t need them. Your utility costs depend on consumption of light.
  24. Get used to natural light as much as possible. Keep windows open. Let the Sun rays come inside house.
  25. Buy energy saving appliances if you don’t have one. You can trade old for new energy efficient appliances.

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Image credit: Image by kalhh from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 15, 2020

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