Tips to clean comb and hair brush

How to clean hair brush and comb

If you love your hair so much, then you must care about your hair brush too. Reason is, a dirty hair brush can only damage your hair and it results in hair fall and dandruff. After washing hair, if you use same dirty brush then how your hair remains clean?!

A dirty hair brush and comb are sources of dead skin- dandruff, sweat, dirt and old oil. None of these particles will favor your hair growth. For hair health it is better to give attention and take some time to clean hair brushes and it should not take more than 10 minutes of your time.

If you are not used to clean hair brushes, you will notice big difference of using a clean brush to comb the hair. The impact of practicing hygiene always yields positive results.

How to clean hair brushes and combs?

  1. Remove old hair: Always clean your hair tools in bathroom. Remove all hair stuck in hair brush or comb using fingers or toothpick. If you are having hard time to remove entangled hair in bristles, use a fine scissor and cut hair or run water over the brush to soften the hair and process will become easy
  2. Dampen brush using shampoo: Pour little shampoo on brush or comb, rub the shampoo all over the surface
  3. Soak brush: Fill a water mug or vessel or sink with warm water. Add little shampoo and detergent in water and mix well. Soak / immerse the brushes in this water mix. Wait for some time till the dirt and hair get dampened. Do not immerse cushioned brushes as water can enter in the vent hole causing erode in the cushion. Similarly, wood handle brushes also might absorb water and wood can become brittle. In such cases just soak brushes in the water mix, do not immerse. Baby shampoos are mild and contain less harsh chemicals are best for hair brush cleaning.  
  4. Remove dirt and debris: Using a new toothbrush or toothpick clean between the bristles and remove debris. In between run water on the brush and you will be surprised to see the amount of dirt that washes away from brush. Continue cleaning till all dirt washes off from brush and comb. After removing the dirt, hold brush under running warm water.
  5. Remove water and dry brush: After removing dirt, using a clean towel dry the brush. Place brush on a clean holder where there is no dirt or dust particles. Let brush dry further in the air.

How often you should clean hair brush? In a month two or three times clean the brush. If you have longer hair you might need to clean the brush three to four times in a month or every week.

Cleaning hair tools will keep hair healthy and beautiful!

Image credit: Image by Debbie Miller from Pixabay 

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 1, 2022

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