Daily uses of vegetable oil

20 Practical Uses Of Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oils are extracted from seeds or from other plant parts. Most of the vegetable oil that we find in market are mix of corn, soybean, safflower, palm, canola, sunflower oils. It is an inexpensive choice that can be used for all types of cooking. Vegetable oil can be used for not just cooking, also for various purposes.

  1. Apply for squeaky hinges: Putting few drops of vegetable oil to hinges will reduce squeak by lubricating the hinge.
  2. Applying for cast iron: Cast iron cookware quality improves by applying coat of vegetable oil often and prevents rust.
  3. Remove stickers from bottles: To remove tough stickers and disintegrated stickers apply vegetable oil.
  4. For tools: Applying vegetable oil on scissors, knife, garden tools, prevents dust, glue, any sticky material on surfaces.
  5. Separating cans, glasses: Applying oil on surface of reusable cans, glass bottles  that tend to stick together because of sticky food label residues, will help to keep them separated.
  6. Clean furniture: Take drops vegetable oil on soft cloth and apply wooden furniture surface. Leave it for few minutes and again wipe excess oil.
  7. Use for polishing stainless steel surfaces: If you have stainless steel microwave, fridge, dishwasher, and other appliances apply vegetable oil and gently wipe surface to remove fingerprints, marks, smudges. It brings shine to appliances.
  8. To unstick zipper: Sometime in our jackets, sweaters, suitcases zipper will get stuck. Lubricate zipper using vegetable oil, put few drops on zipper where it is getting stuck, leave it for few minutes.
  9. To remove candle wax: Candle wax drips on furniture or floor can be removed using vegetable oil. Pour little oil on dried wax. It will loosen the wax and becomes easy to remove.  
  10. Paint removal: When we work with paint, we also get some paint on our hands or face. Take few drops vegetable oil and apply on the skin surface. Paint will come out easily.
  11. Use as moisturizer: Sometimes moisturizers might not keep you from drying, especially during severe winter and cold seasons. Use vegetable oil in place of moisturizer for hands, legs, feet and heel cracks, elbows. It works well.
  12. Protect pet paws: To heal the cracks in pet paws, apply small amounts of vegetable oil under the paw. It makes them comfortable by softening the paw surface. Just make sure your pet does not run-on bed or sofa for few minutes!
  13. Use for buffing shoes: To rejuvenate leather shoes, using a soft cloth apply vegetable oil on shoe surface and shine them. Oil also removes smudge and dirt from surface.
  14. Car prep: Car wheels, door handles, bumper and areas where there is shiny metal on your car surface  can be taken care using oil. Prep these areas before washing the car by applying vegetable oil. This not just pre-cleans the car surface, also gives look.
  15. To remove lids: Sometimes syrup, honey, jam or jelly material can make lid tight due to glue like property. Coat vegetable oil on outside of the rim  and dispense few drops of oil inside lid and bottle contact. Leave it for few mins and try opening it. Lid should open easily.
  16. To remove splinters: While working in garden or wood, splinters can sit in hand or feet making it difficult to work as it hurts. Soak the splinter stuck area with little vegetable oil and then using tweezers pull the splinter.
  17. To get soft skin: Add few drops of oil in bucket water and take bath. It moisturizes skin, you will end up with glowing soft skin.
  18. For smooth shave: For women, if you are running out of shaving cream for legs and hands, apply little vegetable oil on skin surface and then shave. It works!
  19. Makeup removal: Instead of using makeup remover that bothers skin by irritation and allergy, use vegetable oil to remove make up. It also moisturizes skin.
  20. For mosquito bites: During summer mosquito bites are common. Apply few drops of vegetable oil on mosquito bites and itchy areas for relief.

Image credit: Image by congerdesign from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 15, 2022

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