Bring Health Inside Your Home

Bring health inside your home

Home is the place for living – this where we share our space with family, this is the place where we grow mentally and physically. Home is where we share our thoughts, happiness, sadness with family. The environment inside the home should be calm and healthy to live. When we go through lot of stress it creates a negative environment in our mind and body. Any effect on the mind creates an imbalance in the body. So how we should create a positive environment inside our homes and make it livable and healthy?  Some changes that we bring in can help us to think more positively and can clear our mind. Healing home means healing ourselves.

It is very important to feel good, relaxed and safe when you enter home. It is your home and if you listen and look around the house it may try to tell something to you. How do we know what it is trying to say ? When you enter your home from outside you should feel welcomed, not stressed. The air inside the house should makes you feel happy, relaxed and not the other way.

How can you make a home healthy and healing?  See here…

  1. Healthy plants: Click here to read more

Keep Indoor plants healthy


  1. Keep the windows open: Click here to read more

Bring Fresh Air Inside


 3. Water and flowers: Click here to read more

Water bowl with flowers


  1. Play music: Click here to read more

Play Soft Music


5. Wind chime and bells: Click here to read more

Wind chime & Bells


6. Meditation: Click here to read more



7. Sun’s role: Click here to read more

Sunshine inside your home


8. Clean house with natural stuffs and remove clutters: Click here to read more

Natural Cleaners



Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 17, 2016

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