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Green tea benefits & side effects

9 Herbal teas – benefits & side effects

Herbal teas made from leaves, roots and flowers have multiple benefits. Antioxidants present in these herbs yield many health benefits. If you are an herbal tea drinker, you must know the uses as well as possible side effects of herbal teas.

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Four ubtan skin recipes

4 Ubtan recipes for flawless skin

Cannot go to beauty parlor due to lockdown? Are you worried about your drained skin? Then try four easy ubtan recipes that you can prepare using readily available ingredients at home

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Onion home remedies

The stinky onion gives you super health benefits

Onion is popular vegetable known for its taste as well as for its strong odor. Contents of onion bulb makes it medicinally useful for simple to complicated conditions.

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Home remedies for phlegm

Home remedies for phlegm

To control and reduce phlegm some herbal and home remedies one can try.

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Homemade ginger recipes

Homemade ginger recipes for common sickness

Ginger contains enzyme that help to reduce body inflammation and is also an aide for arthritis.  Ginger helps to reduce

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Sage home remedies

Sage home remedies & uses

Sage is one of the beautiful flowering plant is a medicinal as well as ornamental plant. Its botanical name is Salvia officinalis. It is known for its remarkable home remedy and thus occupies both medicine cabinet and kitchen.

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Remedies for shingles

Remedies for Post herpetic neuralgia PHN Pain after shingles

Shingles caused by herpes virus is a painful experience to go through. It causes blisters on skin surface, burning sensation, unbearable pain on skin and sensory nerves.

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Herbal oil preparation at home

How to prepare herbal oil at home

By using different herbs and proper oils one can make herbal oil at home. The combination of herbs and oil is important when you prepare herbal oils at home.

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