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How to use okra for various conditions

Okra is one of the most loved vegetables. In Indian cooking okra dishes takes front seat! Many varieties of okra (also known as bhindi or lady’s finger) dishes taste delicious. It can be curry, sambar, fried, baked – all dishes taste good. One reason that makes okra a preferred vegetable is, its digestive fiber that is smooth on system. After consuming okra system feels better as it removes unwanted toxin from the body.

Okra is rich in nutrients. It is packed with many nutrients including Fiber, magnesium folate, Vitamins A,C, K and B6. Vitamin C which is water soluble helps to boost immune system. In addition, okra contains no fat, less carbohydrates and some amount of protein. Okra is packed with antioxidants that provides us many other health benefits.

There are different ways one can use okra to get its unlimited benefits. Whole okra, okra peel, okra seeds and okra leaves – all provide different health benefits.

For skin: Cut okra into small pieces and grind. Apply the gel on skin, leave it for few minutes and wash using normal temperature water.

For sun burn: Apply gel on affected area and leave it for half an hour

For boils on skin: Prepare paste of few okra leaves by grinding into paste. Apply this paste and cover with soft cloth or gauze. Repeat this few times till the boils reduce.

For toe nail fungus: Apply okra leaves paste and cover with a bandage.

For arthritis: To reduce arthritis symptoms, boil 4-5 okra in water, strain and drink water for few weeks.

Joint pain: Apply okra leaves paste on joint and cover with bandage cloth.

For diabetes: Slit and soak two okra in 2 cups water overnight. Drink the water morning to reduce sugar. It stabilizes blood sugar level.

For constipation; Okra curry with couple of green chilis helps to reduce constipation. Digestive fiber in okra helps to release constipation.

For cholesterol: Including okra in daily diet helps to reduce bad cholesterol.

For weight loss: After eating okra one feels full for many hours. It means, there will not be an urge to snack in. Less or no calorie in okra helps to reduce weight.

Diuretic: Okra is diuretic and consuming it helps to remove unnecessary toxins from the body soon.

For cancer patients: Okra believed to give support in fighting off free radicals that disrupts the cells. It helps to build immune system by improving gut system.

For fertility and healthy pregnancy: Since the folate content is good in okra, it is believed to support fertility and promotes healthy pregnancy.

For kidney health: Including okra in daily diet reduces kidney damage and improves kidney health overtime.

For hair: Like hibiscus leaves, okra leaves and okra fruits have slimy mucilage. Mix and apply this mucilage with lemon juice helps to reduce dandruff and gives bouncy hair.

Good for brain: Okra is a good food for nervous system, and it is good for brain cells.

Anti-inflammatory: Antioxidants in okra is good for lung inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome and sore throat! It is good for healing peptic ulcers.

For eye health: Presence of both vitamin A and C makes okra a recommended vegetable for eye health improvement. It reduces risk of both cataracts and macular degeneration.


  • Cooked okra tastes really yummy. While cooking okra, closing lid can lead to releasing more slimy water and okra cooks more. Instead keep lid open for few minutes, till okra becomes tender.
  • Adding lemon juice reduces mucilage while cooking.
  • Adding a tsp of besan flour (chick pea flour) for okra curries also helps to reduce mucilage.
  • Okra cooking time depends on the varieties and how mature the fruit is.

Image credit: Photo by Elianna Friedman on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 26, 2023

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