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Grandma’s Remedies

Purslane portulaca

Do you know this wonderful herb called purslane

This perennial plant Purslane Portulaca voleracea has beautiful flower and cultivated varieties are known for beautiful, colorful flowers

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Varicose veins remedies

Remedies to Feel better with Varicose Veins condition

As we age sometimes, we can have varicose veins. Varicose veins can appear during pregnancy or due to overweight. Varicose veins develop valves in the veins become weak. Function of the vein valves is to stop blood flowing backwards.

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Kadha for strong immunity

Kadha recipe, Ayurvedic liquid to help throat and boost immunity

To build immunity and to boost immunity apart from regular exercises, we should focus on our food intake. There are several herbs that help us to boost immunity because of their unique ingredients or phytochemicals.

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Pomegranate benefits

Why Eating Pomegranate is Good For us

Pomegranate is one of the most loved fruit due to its taste and appearance. Pomegranate fruits tastes sweet and has tart flavor. Inside fruit is ruby red to dark red in color and will have multiple seeds.

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Ways to use Neem for better health

Ways to use Neem for better health

Neem can be used for external application as well as for internal conditions.

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Shredded cabbage diet

Include Cabbage In Your Diet to Promote Overall Health

Cabbage is one of the easy to cook and low-priced vegetable. It is another cruciferous member, known as Brassicaceae family that also have other popular vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli. The most common cabbage variety that we see is light green variety.

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Grandma's Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips

Everybody wants beautiful hair. However, one should know about general hair care.

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Hiccups remedies

19 Remedies to control Hiccups

Hiccups can be very irritating. We don’t know when and where hiccups starts. While attending class, in a meeting or while on phone talking to someone, we can experience hiccups.

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