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Grandma’s Remedies

Lemon peela chutney for stomach health

Lemon peel chutney for stomach health

Do you know lemon peel can cure several conditions?! Including lemon peel in diet has several advantages for health.

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Stop sugar craving

How to get relief from sugar craving

Sometimes we need help to develop resistance for sugar cravings. Some common suggestions and home remedies can help to overcome problem of sugar craving.

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DIY face mask sheet

Seven home made DIY Face mask sheet recipes

Face mask sheets help to hydrate skin without much effort. For preparing sheet mask  all you need is clean cotton gauze or mask or sheet with few familiar herbal ingredients. Here are seven effective DIY face mask sheet recipes to target getting healthy skin.

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Home remedies for sunburn

Home remedies for Sunburn

Changing weather pattern is creating havoc in many parts of the world. Many countries experiencing high temperature than before. Sunburn is a common condition that people can experience under hot weather.

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Dark underarm Remedy

Remedies for dark underarms

There are few simple home remedies that solve dark underarm condition.

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Quick home remedies

Know these quick home remedies

For some of the daily health issues one can try these quick home remedies. Many of these ingredients readily should be available in your kitchen cabinets

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Black pepper remedies

Black pepper home remedy recipes

Black Pepper known as Piper nigrum is a well-known ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines. It contains active alkaloids that gives it spicy taste. In addition, it also contains Vitamin A

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Remedies for eye sore

Remedies for eye sore

Eye sore in eyelids is one of the common problem people face during summer heat wave. When we have this condition it feels like a sand particle stuck in the eyelids

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