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Quarantine lockdown home remedies

Must know Home Remedies During Quarantine And Lockdown

We all now know how difficult it is to take an appointment and visit doctor during the pandemic. If you are suffering from common conditions and need relief you can try some of the home remedies that do wonder for common conditions and makes you feel better.

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Wheat Germ Benefits

Health And Diet With Wheat Germ

Wheat flour that we use regularly contains less nutritive value because the most important part of the wheat kernel is milled out while processing wheat. This milled out nutritious portion of wheat kernel contains wheat germ.

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sandalwood health benefits

Indian Sandalwood health benefits

Indian sandalwood also popularly known as Srigandha has both religious as well as medicinal applications. Indian sandalwood tree grows in Southern forests of India and its cultivation needs permission

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Patchouli benefits

Benefits of Most Loved Musky Patchouli Plant

ne oil that is linked to Hippies in 1960s is Patchouli oil. Patchouli oil used to be the choice of hippies. Hippies were using patchouli to masks the scent of Marijuana and simply exhibit earthy scent around them. Unlike the other perfumes’ patchouli oil was choice of hippies for its authentic straight from the earth scent!

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Green tea benefits & side effects

9 Herbal teas – benefits & side effects

Herbal teas made from leaves, roots and flowers have multiple benefits. Antioxidants present in these herbs yield many health benefits. If you are an herbal tea drinker, you must know the uses as well as possible side effects of herbal teas.

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Four ubtan skin recipes

4 Ubtan recipes for flawless skin

Cannot go to beauty parlor due to lockdown? Are you worried about your drained skin? Then try four easy ubtan recipes that you can prepare using readily available ingredients at home

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Onion home remedies

The stinky onion gives you super health benefits

Onion is popular vegetable known for its taste as well as for its strong odor. Contents of onion bulb makes it medicinally useful for simple to complicated conditions.

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Home remedies for phlegm

Home remedies for phlegm

To control and reduce phlegm some herbal and home remedies one can try.

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