Home remedies for Baby’s gas problem

Home remedies for Baby’s gas problem

Babies cry a lot when they have gas trouble and tummy ache. When there is gas babies cry, fart, stomach bloats, tummy hardens and baby becomes fussy and cranky.  To give relief from the gas for baby parents can think of giving following remedies.

Try these preventive measures:

  1. Burps: Burping during and after feeding can help release air. Lift baby and hold her close to your chest and slowly move your hand on her back. She will burp and feel better. Burping midway through the feeding and afterwards will help.
  2. Gentle massage: Give massage on baby’s tummy. Take little baby oil or coconut oil and apply on tummy. Slowly, gently move your hand on tummy. Do it 2 – 3 times a day & you will see a smiling baby!
  3. Settle bottle: If you are feeding baby with bottle, chance of baby ingesting bubbles is more. Before keeping bottle in baby’s mouth, allow bottle to settle down. Tilt the bottle at an angle so that milk fills the bottle nipple area too. This way air does not go inside baby.
  4. Holding baby in proper angle: When you are feeding baby, hold baby’s head higher than stomach. This helps liquid to settle down in tummy and the bubble rise on top. Later you can make her burp.
  5. Baby’s diet: Read label to understand the contents of baby’s formula. If any ingredients makes it hard for her digest, it can cause gas too. If you are breast feeding, watch what you eat. Your milk carries those food to baby. If you eat gas producing food, then baby will be end up in gas and stomach ache.
  6. Peddling legs: Put baby on a mat or let her lay on your extended legs. Then pump her legs gently – in bicycling peddling motion. It relieves gas and gives little leg exercise too!
  7. Gentle massage: Give massage on baby’s tummy. You can take help of good oil for this. Baby oil, coconut oil and mustard oil – all three are good for baby. Apply one of this oil on the tummy and slowly, gently move your hand on tummy. Do it 2 – 3 times a day & you will see a smiling baby! Massaging using oil not only gives relief from gas, also helps in sleeping.
  8. Feeding method: Do not rush while feeding the baby. Sometimes the semi solid and solid food that we feed in a hurry can sit in baby’s system for longer hours and can cause indigestion and lot of gas that hurts the little one. Go slow, take your time and make sure baby is relaxed while you feed. Don’t forget to burp her.
  9. Culprit can be bottle too: Change the bottle, nipple and use fresh, recommended bottle for baby.

Other remedies: Some of the popular traditional remedies for babies gas and farting are given below. These remedies for babies 6 months and above only. Contact your doctor (pediatrician) before proceeding with these remedies.

  1. Carom seeds: Boil few carom seeds in water and give half a teaspoon to baby. Do this few times (3-4 times) a day.
  2. Asafetida: Mix pinch of asafetida (hing) in coconut oil. Heat few seconds (12 seconds in microwave). Check the temperature and apply it around baby’s belly button. Asafetida known to reduce gas in adults when taken with buttermilk. However baby should not be given asafetida through mouth. So, apply on tummy.
  3. Cumin water: Boil ½ tsp of cumin in a 1.5 cups of water. Filter and give ½ tsp of cumin water. This reduces bloating and reduces gas.
  4. Gripe water: It is one of the alternate preferred medicine by parents from decades. It contains dill oil and sodium bicarbonate. It is used for gas relief, reflux in babies. Talk to your pediatrician before giving gripe water to baby. In case your doctor recommends, look at the ingredients and make sure it does not contain alcohol and sugar in it.

If none of the remedies and recommendations did not work with in few hours means time to talk to pediatrician.

Grandma’s remedies: www.healthylife.werindia.com

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: December 15, 2017

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