Nine Podcasts for kids

Nine Podcasts for kids

With technology in hands, kids like to listen to music, stories and play videos.

Recent years podcast is occupying kid’s world. Exciting stories, science, Q & A, narrations – all that need for both entertainment and mind development of kids are available on various podcast Apps.

Many podcasts are available to stream online and parents can download good ones based on theme and kids can enjoy their free time listening to these podcasts.

Below we have listed nine podcasts for kids for learning and enjoyment.

  1. Peace Out: It is a guided relaxation for kids. Meditation and mindfulness helps kids to calm down before going to sleep. This series of podcasts from Peace out is helpful for kids cultivate life long skills that is necessary to have a happy and calm life. Available on iTunes and Google Play.
  2. What If World: This one helps to answer the questions from kids. Parents also need this. What if… kind of questions comes in kid’s mind. Their mind is creative and need to know answer. What happens if Dinosaurs alive, what if vehicle talks? what if animals talk? – all these questions should be answered that is where this podcast comes to rescue. It helps to answer vivid, imaginative world of kids. Available in Google play and iTunes.
  3. But Why: If you give an answer “not possible”, “cannot” then expect a question back from your kid “But why?”. Curious kids want to know why and when? This podcast helps to answer topics related to universe and world. Why sea is salty? Why sky is blue? How butterflies fly etc. It is also available in iTunes & Google Play
  4. Kids Painting and Coloring: A multitouch painting lessons/programs for kids with random brush sizes and colors are available in this podcast. Children can create pictures by theme while painting by step learning. They can save it and view next time. Available in iTune.
  5. Sesame Street: World famous and kids favorite Episodes and activates are available on podcast. It features adorable characters – Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby, Julia along with stories, songs and activities from ABC. Available on iTune.
  6. Brains On: Not all parents are science experts. Take help of Brains on. Questions about planet, stars, earth, life are answered here. Each episode is co-hosted by different kid and kids participation gives an unique view on various topics. Kids enjoy listening to fellow kids. Available on iTunes.
  7. Wow in the World: This helps kids to discover how things work, why things are the way they are, what happens and many more. It is NPR’s first show for kids and has well produced contents. Hosts Guy Roz and Mindy Thomas bring curiosity in their discussion on Science and Technology. It is good podcast for both kids and adults who like to learn.
  8. Book club for kids: It a biweekly podcast that features middle schoolers talking about popular book and sharing their recommendation. Each episode includes a passage by a celebrity guest. Good for Teens and Tweens. Available on iTune.
  9. Dream Big: Eva Karpman and her mother interview prominent personalities, award winners and experts in different fields. It is to encourage young people to find their passion and pursue their dreams. It is fun to listen with family and best for kids. Available on iTune.

If you are new to podcast and would like to get App that are “podcatchers” go for it with below mentioned one of the popular options for listening:

  1. The original podcast app
  2. Stitcher Radio for Podcasts. “Stitch” together custom podcast playlists with this mobile app
  3. Pocket Casts. A mobile app with a sleek, easy-to-use interface
  4. An online audio-streaming platform for podcasts as well as music
  5. fm. Streaming platform specifically for podcasts
  6. Kids Listen: An online app that only features kid-friendly podcasts


Image credit: Different podcast APPs images.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 10, 2018

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