Cooking with kids

Cooking with kids

Cooking with kids : Most kids are picky eaters. Babies and toddlers are also no exception for this! Parents sometime have hard time to feed children as what is healthy and nutritious might not interesting for kids. Science says including kids often to cooking skills, making them part of cooking by assigning small work will help children to eat healthy and they remain like that all their life!

Cooking is not just a fun activity, it can be an important developmental tool for kids of all age groups.

Introducing and allowing children for cooking helps in various ways.  It is not just teaching them how to eat healthy, it has tremendous other benefits too. Studies show that differently abled kids love to cook and show improvement in learning skills by spending time in kitchen! Cooking helps children with its own vocabulary. It is a great opportunity for language development !! What other benefits children can get by learning and helping in cooking? See more

Introducing to ingredients and nutrients: Read more

Introducing kids to nutrients


Making eating interesting: Read more

Making kids eating interesting

Learning life values: Read more

Learning life values while cooking

Increases creativity, learning skills: Read more

Cooking creativity, curiosity, learning skills

Spending time together: Read more


Kids & parents cooking time

Cooking is an exercise: Read more

Cooking is an exercise

Introducing to varieties of foods: Read more

Varieties of foods for kids


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 28, 2019

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