Children playing in mud

Let your children play outside in dirt

Dirt is a prescription for health and happiness. Allow your child play outside in garden and dirt. Don’t worry about child’s clothes getting dirty. There are many positive benefits a child gets while playing outside in yard.  Playing outside is important for children’s growth and development.

According to epidemiologist David Srachan, children raised in clean environments , who are exposed to very little to outer microbial environment that are generally found in soil and mud are more likely to develop allergies. Children who are raised in farms are significantly less likely to develop allergies as compared to those who are raised not in green environment and exposed to dirt.

Dirt is good for your child. Here are reasons you should allow your child to play outside.

Children who don’t spend time outside run the risk of serious health issues, such as obesity (CDC, 2008), myopia (Reuters, 2009), and vitamin D deficiency (AAP, 2009). The good news is that outdoor activities kids love, like running, jumping, climbing, playing games with friends, and taking nature walks are a great strategy for keeping children healthy (NWF)

For stronger immune system: Do you know there are good microbes outside in dirt? Studies show that children who play in dirt will have good intestinal microbiota. Visiting garden and greenery in general helps their intestine to have gut friendly microbes. It helps their immune system. When kids play outside in yard, gravel and garden their immune system boosts and their T-cells increases! This means, their system is stronger to fight diseases!

Exposure to Vitamin D: Vitamin D gives many health benefits. Playing outside means exposure to Sunrays and vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for bones and to protect the system. Not getting enough Sun exposure is unhealthy for both children and adults.

Lower level of stress: Kids when play outside in yard or greenery, it is fun for them as there is no structured playtime. It is just like adults going for hiking or walks in park. Playing outside will improve their mental health, removes worries and stress. Their performance in school and studies takes positive turn. A study from American Journal of Public Health reported that symptoms of ADHD lessened in children who played in greenery!

Socializing and happiness: Playing outside with other children improves socializing skills of child. They will make friends, look forward to play and this brings happiness and you will notice the smile on your child’s face.

Helps to be active: Instead of spending time on TV, smart phone and video games playing in dirt helps them to be physically active. Running, playing, crawling, jumping – all these activities are essential for the body development.

Allow your child to play in mud, dig trenches, build something out of clay, pick up dirt, leaves etc. This is natural play that improves health. Make it a habit of taking and allowing child to exposed to dirt for better health and development of child.


Image credit: Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay  (CC by 0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 11, 2022

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