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Wonders of science

Ways To Explore Wonders Of Science

Exploring the wonders of science can be a fascinating and enriching experience for kids of all ages. Here are some ideas for how kids can engage with science in fun and interactive ways

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Interactive with kids

Positive Interaction Helps Kids To Develop Self Esteem

Positive interaction with children results in strong relationship and creates nurturing environment. It helps kids to develop self esteem.

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Children playing in mud

Let your children play outside in dirt

Dirt is a prescription for health and happiness. Allow your child play outside in garden and dirt. Don’t worry about child’s clothes getting dirty.

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Help kid in morning routine

How To Help Kids to Get Ready In the Morning

Whether you are a working parent or not, when you have kids you have to make sure your kid is ready on time to step out to school morning. Struggle with young kids or teenagers to make them ready can give headache.

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Dining with family

Benefits of Eating As A Family

Not just holidays or week ends also having one meal or dinner daily with family is always good for many reasons. Most importantly dinner time is the best time to meet and greet family members.

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Salt painting art work

Salt painting is fun!

Looking for winter art and craft activities for kids ? Try raised salt painting. Vibrant colors when mixed with salt will make it interesting to paint.

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School day activity time for kids

Recommended School day activity time for kids

Parents often worry about children’s activities and how much time child should be allowed to play or do the homework during school day. Education experts as well as pediatricians has recommendations on child’s school day activity time that could help parents to understand how much time should be allotted for various activities of a child

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How to handle peer pressure?

How to handle peer pressure?

You may feel pressurized to do things on your own or against your will. This is called peer pressure.

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