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What Is Baby Acne & How To Take Care Of Baby Skin?

Sometimes newborns develop small pimple like spots on the innocent face. This is a common condition that occurs in most newborns and goes away after few days or months. Baby acne as it is called, will appear on baby face – chin, nose, eyelids, forehead. Sometimes could appear on back below the neck region.

According to the experts’ baby acne appears in 3 out of 10 babies. What causes baby acne and how to address it?

Generally, when baby is about 3 to 5 weeks old small pimple like structure appears on face and other areas. It is called neonatal acne.

Reasons for baby acne:

There is no proper explanation why a baby gets pimple at young age. Two possible reasons are:

  • Oil glands over stimulation that could have happened in the womb when baby is contact with mother through placenta. It is due to the hormones that baby received from mother
  • Inflammation that is caused by yeast on baby’s skin.

Baby acne has nothing to do with the type of acne that a teenager may experience. Baby acne looks like small red and white bumps which is noticeable on baby’s cheek, nose and forehead. Sometimes it could be present behind neck, scalp, or upper portion of chest. It will not have white or blackheads like adult pimples. It does not leave any scar on baby.

How to treat baby acne?

There are no home remedies for baby acne. Dermatologist might suggest something that could help to solve the condition. After few months baby acne will disappear on its own.

See healthcare provider, pediatrician, or dermatologist if you see condition getting worsen over the days or if the pimples do not disappear from baby’s face.  By examining baby’s skin condition doctor will be able to diagnose the pimple or any other skin condition that baby might have developed and whether it should be treated or not.

Contact your doctor if baby develops skin blisters, fever, rashes, gets irritated often, refuses to drink milk or take food.

Tips for taking care of baby’s acne problem:

  • Do not use any adult acne product on baby’s skin.
  • Keep greasy ointments away from baby skin.
  • Clean baby’s face gently using lukewarm water, mild baby soap and /or  baby cleanser
  • Gently dry baby’s face using clean and soft cloth.
  • Do not pinch pimple or scrub baby’s pimples as it could lead to severe condition.
  • Avoid moisturizing baby face with lotions or oils
  • Place a soft and clean blanket under baby’s head to protect skin from detergents and other types of chemicals that could be on bedsheet and comforters.
  • Use baby friendly detergent to wash baby’s clothes.

Seeing baby with many such tiny pimples can be worrisome. As mentioned above follow the tips and contact dermatologist if you feel the pimples are not going away with all the precautions and care you have taken for your little one.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 20, 2022

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