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Finding hidden talent in children

Parents want their kids to be smart and gifted and that is every parent wish too. Every child is unique and still some parents wants to know whether their child is extraordinary and has any hidden talent.  All children might not be good at math, they might be good at sports, music, gymnastics, social skills, science etc.

To find out whether your child is gifted with any talent or extraordinary skills there are few signs to look for. These signs could appear often in children and they can express it on separate occasions.

Reasons for a child’s gifted skill is physical make up of brain and genetics. Genes transferred from both parents, especially mother as proven by science is responsible for a kid’s intelligence. Highly developed cognition is due to a child’s own brain capability to make use of information faster than the other kids in same age group. Some of the signs and skills kids who have high cognition can express are:

  • Memory and remembering things: Kids who has remarkable memory from early age can remember where they left their stuff. They will remember names of things in the house easily. If parents forgotten some tools, they may be able to remind you.
  • Alertness: These kids will connect with surroundings very early. If babies are gifted with this trait, they will turn their head by recognizing the voice of a third person and will look into the direction. Sometimes they might even focus on the eyes of adults as if they understood what the talk about is.
  • Language skills: Kids with this skill will pick up more words than other kids of same age group. They form long sentences early and will be able to learn and recognize different languages. With little effort from parents they can even read wordings from different languages.
  • Art: Many kids are bestowed with art skills at young age. They are creative and imagine things in their head at early age. For example, painting – their imagination brings beautiful art on canvas. This trait can be seen even in toddlers.
  • Good with numbers: Adding, subtracting, multiplication or division – all these will be easy and they solve problems with few seconds by looking and calculating numbers in their mind. There are many child prodigies amongst us as examples
  • Thinking and imagination: If your child has imaginary friend and discusses various complex subjects which you cannot understand then the child’s brain is much more active and complex than you can imagine!
  • Ability to be alone: As per psychology, children who are bestowed wants to be creative and active all the time. You may find your child sitting and reading or playing alone calmly. It is not anti-socializing, it is how their brain works – the hidden hunger to learn and be creative. Encourage them also to be part of peer group.
  • Good observer: If there is a change in someone’s look or something missing at home your child might be able to notice soon. Gifted child might even notice your sadness or change in situations at home. This is a sign of advanced perception of a child. These kids will be able to learn to speak and hold specific information in their brain for long term which helps them to do great in life.
  • Love for music: Some kids will recognize distinct types of music and instruments at very early stage of development. When you play music if they start carefully listening and follow the music, ask you to repeat the music, show interest in certain type of music and artists, imitate instrument – then find out what is there in little storage.

Gifted or talented children will need recognition before it fades. It can be in nonacademic areas or academic areas. Sometimes these children might have difficulty in focusing or may have learning disability. Instead of pushing your child to what you want to do, find out that hidden talent and put positivity and optimism in your child’s life. This will help them to grow and get recognition in society.


Image credit: Music photo created by serhii_bobyk – www.freepik.com (Free for commercial use)

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: November 14, 2018

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