Health quiz for kids

Health quiz for kids

Kids must understand be aware that it is important to keep up good health through out their lives. Parents often must talk and discuss about various health issues and topics with their children. This will help children to be cautious about what they eat, how to take care of their body. Parents can engage children by asking questions related to health and have children answer. Here are some basic questions for kids that parents can consider quizzing.

1.       What sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers?

2.       True or false? Your ears are important when it comes to staying balanced.

3.       What is another name for human voice box?

4.       Which is human body’s biggest organ?

5.       What base food is needed for guacamole?

6.       Which nutrient is present in pasta and bread?

7.       Is trans fat is good for health?

8.       What is another name for corn?

9.       True or false? Vegan people eat meat

10.   How much calorie fat provides per gram? 4,6,9 ?

11.   How much calories carbohydrate provides per gram? 4 or 9?

12.   Does recooking of cooked food often alters its chemical nature? Yes or no?

13.   Eating leafy vegetables provides which important nutrients for the body?

14.   Which vitamin is present in the Sun rays?

15.   Eating chips, drinking soda is good for the body – Yes or no?

16.   Where does quadriceps muscles are present in the body?

17.   What is the role of kidneys?

18.   Where does hemoglobin present?

19.   To fight disease, which cells of the body helps?

20.    From which plant sugar is extracted? Lettuce, sugarcane, potato?

21.   Why we should wash hands before eating food?

22.   Why we should not stare at smart phone screen for long hours?

23.   Why drinking  water is important for the body?

24.   Is junk food is good for our body? Yes or no?

25.   Why we should eat colorful fruits?

26.   Why plants have green color?

27.   Why should we drink milk?

28.   How many heart human body has?

29.   What is the function of eye lashes?

30.   Why should we brush teeth twice a day?

31.   What is WHO stands for? 

32.  Why should we take flu shots?

Answers: 1.   Honey , 2. True, 3. Larynx, 4. The skin, 5. Avocado, 6.       Carbohydrates, 7.  No, 8. Maize, 9. False, 10. 9, 11.  4 , 12.  Yes, 13. Iron, 14.   Vitamin D, 15.  No, 16. Front of thighs, 17. Removal of toxins, 18. In red blood cells, 19. White blood cells, 20. Sugarcane, 21.  To remove germs and dirt, 22. Because it spoils vision 23.   It keeps body hydrated, 24.  No, 25.   Fruits contain antioxidants and helps body to fight against disease, 26.   Pigment chlorophyll gives green color to plants, 27.   Milk provides calcium and protein, 28.  One, 29.   Protecting eyes from dust and other particles, 30. To avoid cavity and infection, 31. World Health Organization 32. To avoid flu virus that makes us sick


Image by Jaime Lopes from Pixabay (Free for commercial use) 

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 5, 2022

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