Safety tips for women

These safety tips women must know

If you have felt frightened or intimidated when walking alone without company or alone at home? Then, you are not alone. Millions of women face this issue. What should you do if are approached by a stranger or an attacker?  Have you thought about your safety at work place, while walking and being alone at home? Are you afraid of becoming victim of another violence or rape?

Unfortunately, there is an increase in the violence and rape incidents in the society. Personal safety is an issue for everyone, especially for women. How one can protect themselves while being alone?

Following violence are commonly recorded when women are alone

  • Rape – sexual assault
  • Road rage & automobile safety
  • Home invasions
  • Stalking and harassment
  • Travel safety

Following safety points every woman should know.

  1. Practice awareness: Self defense awareness is very critical. While alone, beware of yourself, your surroundings and be alert of any movements around you. Studies show that most criminals are adept at selecting or choosing victims who are unaware of their surroundings. What helps is, by being alert and keeping distance by projecting force presence, many such incidents can be stopped or avoided.
  2. Sixth sense: Also known as gut instinct will help to bring insight on situations and people around. Women especially have this gift of gut instinct. Take full advantage of it and if you feel you are not safe, then probably it is time for you to get out of that place of not to be in the place.
  3. Learn self-defense art before you get assaulted: Now a day’s self defense mechanisms are taught in most places. Watch videos and learn few moves. These self defense mechanisms are not like martial arts where you are aware of attacker. Self-defense training is with simulated assaults with an instructor who will show different scenarios of attacks and how to protect oneself.
  4. Never go with predator: Stay in the primary crime scene, it means if someone confronts you and demands you to go with him, be quick to observe and do something that attracts people. Yell for help, run, use pepper spray, throw a stone towards something that gets attention. Throw your purse on one side and run other way.
  5. Fight: You must fight. Defend yourself physically. It is your legal and moral right. As per the statistics, your odds of survival are greater if you fight back. Aim for attackers’ eyes first and then groin. If the person is holding, don’t hesitate to injure him and escape. Remember you will get only one chance.
  6. Use pepper spray: This is a good tool, keep one in car or your vehicle where you can reach and one in your handbag or pocket. However, some people are surprisingly cannot be incapacitated. Along with spray, use your wits and body.
  7. Home invasion: Put a camera outside in places – front door, back door, balcony, patio. Never open the door unless you are certain that you know who’s there outside. Verify and ask for the reason. Peep hole can tell you who is outside. Trust no one. Sometimes thieves and intruders can come in different disguise – policeman, postman or as handyman. Install deadlock and strong door. In case intruder breaks in and you are aware, move to a safe room to retreat.  Do not keep windows open all the time.
  8. Vehicle safety: Before getting inside the vehicle, if you find some materials like – paper, ruler, cloth etc. on your car, do not touch them, just walk back to the building. Seek help from trustworthy people. They will escort you to your vehicle. While inside the car, lock all doors and keep windows up while driving. Car jacking takes place in intersections, most time attacker approach from blind spot. Beware of someone approaching you in the intersections. Being generous is good, but don’t give lift to strangers or don’t pull window down to give money to beggars unless you feel safe. Never pull your car if someone points their finger pretending something wrong with your vehicle.  While servicing your car, give only the car keys to service person. Keep your house keys safe. In case you are thrown into trunk, kick the back-tail lights and stick your arm out, wave wildly. This attracts everyone else but the predator.
  9. Staying in hotel: If you have travel alone for work reason, stay in known hotels. Do not open the door to strangers. Make sure the person knocking on door is legitimate. Carry a door wedge while traveling. It secures door well.
  10. Social media: Never talk about your whereabouts, tour, your status on social media. Be careful on what you are going to put on your social wall. Keep your address, phone number and other personal information confidential and absolutely there is no need to enter this information in your profile.
  11. More than one stranger: If you are approached by more than one stranger, back off and run to a safe place. Yell for help, distract them somehow. If they offer help, don’t take it. Walk away.
  12. Clothing, jewelry, late night: Unless you are accompanied by more than one person, avoid stepping out at late night. When parking vehicle at night, park under bright light and close to the building that you are visiting. Wear clothes that are comfortable for walking, avoid high heels as much as possible and wear less jewelry or no jewelry. Tight skirts will not help you to run, so also high heels. 
Image: Courtesy: Delhi police & Wikipedia

In case you get into a situation, run, run, run!  Stat put and do not allow predator to take you to abandoned area. If it happens, then the likelihood of you getting injured seriously increases multi-fold. Never give up on your self-defense. With increasing crime on women, whether it is home or outside it is never late to learn the safety tips and to be alert where ever you go.


Cover image credit: Image by CoupleStyle from Pixabay  (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 3, 2019

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